Mandoline Giveaway!


I haven’t done a giveaway in eons — sorry!

For a chance to win one of TWO folding mandoline slicers, do one…all…or some of the following:

  1. Leave a comment saying what you would slice most with a mandoline!
  2. Add Prevention RD to your blogroll and leave a separate for another entry!
  3. Link back to this post on a post of your own and leave a separate for another entry!
  4. Become a fan of Prevention RD on Facebook and leave a separate for another entry!

A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday the 29th at 9PM EST and announced on Thursday. :-D

Good luck!

Have a super week,


  1. I’d slice water chestnuts :)

  2. Im a fan on facebook

  3. I would slice zucchini the most!

  4. I would be a veggie-slicing machine! Then I could actually have veggie chips (and not “chunks that I managed to slice as evenly as possible”)

  5. Cucumbers for cucumber salad.

  6. I think zucchini – ooooh or carrots would be what I cut most ( carrots because the hubster now eats them at night instead of chips yes still with ranch dressing)

  7. I would slice zucchini! Yum.

  8. I would slice everything but I think the most would be sweet potatoes

  9. i became a fan on facebook

  10. I would slice tons of vegetables!

  11. And…You are already on my blogroll :-)

  12. Ooo fun giveaway! I would probably slice a lot of zucchini, since I am still trying to use up all that I have!

  13. I would probably slice potatoes with it.

  14. I haven’t used one of these since my restaurant days! I’d probably do potatoes on it.

  15. I have been wanting a mandolin! I would use it for veggies, especially for baked sweet potato “chips”! I can never slice them thin enough.

  16. you’re on my blog roll!

  17. I “like” you on Facebook!

  18. I’ve always wanted a mandoline so I can stop cutting my fingers! I would probably slice carrots or zucchini most but I would use it for all sorts of veggies.

  19. I would slice sweet potatoes for super thin sweet potato crisps!!

  20. Added to my blogroll!! :)

  21. wonderful giveaway, i have this slicer and i love slicing onion in it..

  22. For one, I would use it on the zuchinni I’ve had in my fridge for the past 5 days!

  23. You’re on my blogroll

  24. Amanda Willis says:

    I would shred zucchini and carrots for a quick stir fry!

  25. Amanda Willis says:

    I am also a fan on Facebook. :)

  26. Definitely sweet potatoes. I’d make pretty crinkle-cut sweet potato chips. Also, squash. Because squash is a major pain to cut up.

  27. Omg I’ve been wanting a mandolin for months! I want to slice up all sorts of fun veggies without risking my fingers haha

  28. Plus I already have you on my blogroll

  29. And I’m already a fan on facebook :)

  30. Ooooh fun giveaway!! Gosh, I’m all about cucumbers these days. I would definitely use it to slice some of those bad boys up!

  31. And you are on my blogroll! :-)

  32. cucumbers!

  33. I’d probably slice cucumbers, zucchini, and potatoes/sweet potatoes the most!

  34. Hey girl! I think I would use it most to cut veggies for soup! This would be incredibly handy now that the weather is starting to get chilly!

  35. You are already on my blog roll! :)

  36. Annnddd I’m already your fan on facebook :)

  37. Love it! I’d probably use it to slice potatoes…along with many other veggies!

  38. I would use a mandoline to slice all kinds of vegetables!

  39. I would make the best scalloped potatoes with that mandolin! Hope you had a great weekend Nicole!

  40. I would slice EVERYTHING!! Onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes – everything!!

  41. You’re already on my blogroll. Does that count?

  42. I will be slicing a lot of potatoes with this slicer.

  43. I posted a link to the giveaway on my blog.

  44. I became a fan of Prevention RD on Facebook.

  45. I would slice sweet potatoes, one of my favorites!

  46. Michelle in Colorado says:

    I would slice apples this time of year.

  47. Megan Sonicksen says:

    I would slice potatoes!

  48. Megan Sonicksen says:

    Its on my google reader.

  49. ooo what a fun giveaway! I think I woud probably slice potatoes the most with this baby!

  50. So many options! I would probably have to say cucumbers and potatoes.

  51. I’d definitely slice sweet potatoes first! Then regular potatoes, and then zucchini and yellow squash for a ratatouille!

  52. Hmm what WOULDN’T I slice is the question. Awesome giveaway.

  53. There are so many things I would slice. Zucchini, carrots, cucumbers… I’ve always wanted a mandoline because I kind of hate slicing things by hand. ;) Ooh, and onion. And potatoes. Ahh!

  54. You’re already on my blog roll. :D

  55. I just linked to you!

  56. I want to try making my own veggie chips, and you are on my blogroll :)

  57. Maybe this machine would help increase my veggie consumption ha! I would use it for everything I could. This could make chopping alot easier for me:)

  58. Oh yea, you are on my blogroll already and a fan of facebook and I will link back to it today :)))

  59. I’m a sliced cucumber nut! I eat one a day.

  60. Following on FB!

  61. Lots of veggies for sure!!

  62. Ooh! I’ve always wanted a mandolin. I would slice carrots, for sure!

  63. I would slice carrots on the daily!

  64. I would slice mostly sweet potatoes!

  65. I’d slice veggies, mmmm!

  66. I would use the slicer to slice apples. I love apples. Also potato’s, but you dont want to know about that… LOL not real good for the diet!

  67. You are in my like list on Facebook!

  68. I would be a veggie slicing madwoman! I spend so much time each week slicing veggies, this would be SUCH a timesaver! I just found your blog and I am LOVING it!! Great job!


  69. I’d love this to slice sweet potatoes!! :)

  70. I would love using it for things such as sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant. Yummy!!!

  71. I would absolutely love to win so I could slice sweet potatoes without fear of chopping off a finger!

  72. I linked ya back to my blog :)

  73. And added you to my blogroll!

  74. And I became a facebook fan:)

  75. Homemade beet chips would be on my agenda with a mandolin like that! Paired with some yummy goat cheese for dipping. Yum!

  76. If I won this I would challenge it to slice sweet potatoes!

  77. I’d slice root veggies and bake chips!

  78. I’m a fan on FB!

  79. Well you already know I’d slice potatoes or apples since we talked about it at lunch but I thought I’d formally post so I could take a shot at winning!! See ya tomorrow!

  80. Such a time saver!

  81. trying to figure out what a blog roll is. Any ideas?

  82. I am still trying to figure out RSS. I have a mandoline figured out!

  83. What would I use the mandoline for… well for an Italian Flag pizza ( or a Frittatta ( or Beets, Potatoes and Proscuitto ( Oh I could go on but you get the idea. I finally have perfectly sliced veggies!

  84. Amazing because I was sure you were on my blog roll. Well you are now! I must have signed up for the updates on a visit! Welcome to my Blog Roll!

  85. See you on FaceBook!

  86. I’m a fan on FB!

  87. You are on my blog roll!

  88. I would slice up lots of sweet potatoes!

  89. I would definitely slice some zucchini noodles :)

  90. Probably zucchini and potatoes. I have been wanting a mandoline for forever now!

  91. I would probably use the mandoline most for really thin zucchini slices, but I’ve heard it’s also great for potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, and eggplant. Yum!

  92. What a fun giveaway, I’ve been wanting a mandoline for awhile now – I would have to say potatoes!

  93. i’d slice veggies! i’ve been wanting a mandoline for a long time!

  94. facebook fan!

  95. i follow you on googlereader!

  96. What a great giveaway, Nicole! Thanks so much for hosting it! I would use the madoline to slice sweet potatoes the most…they’re so hard for me to cut! :)

  97. You’re on my blogroll! :)

  98. I’m a fan on FB! :)

  99. I’d love to win! i hate using knives for everything because I always cut myself somehow. Especially with onions!

  100. you’ve been on my blogroll since ages ago!

  101. I would slice cucumbers, potatoes and bell peppers the most!

  102. I would totally slice Sweet Potatoes!!!

  103. IM a fan on facebook!

  104. Potatoes! I love it when they are sliced evenly!

  105. Happy!Happy!Joy!Joy! says:

    I would love to slice plaintains to make ribbons of chips! =)

  106. Tricia Adams says:

    Oh my gosh, what wouldn’t I slice with that thing? I’d probably go crazy with potatoes though so I can get them nice and thin and bake up my own chips :-)

  107. Happy!Happy!Joy!Joy! says:

    Just became a fan on facebook! =)

  108. i am now a fan on FB!

  109. I would slice potatoes for homemade hash browns!


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