Mandoline Giveaway!


I haven’t done a giveaway in eons — sorry!

For a chance to win one of TWO folding mandoline slicers, do one…all…or some of the following:

  1. Leave a comment saying what you would slice most with a mandoline!
  2. Add Prevention RD to your blogroll and leave a separate for another entry!
  3. Link back to this post on a post of your own and leave a separate for another entry!
  4. Become a fan of Prevention RD on Facebook and leave a separate for another entry!

A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday the 29th at 9PM EST and announced on Thursday. ๐Ÿ˜€

Good luck!

Have a super week,


  1. says

    I think zucchini – ooooh or carrots would be what I cut most ( carrots because the hubster now eats them at night instead of chips yes still with ranch dressing)

  2. Shelley says

    I’ve always wanted a mandoline so I can stop cutting my fingers! I would probably slice carrots or zucchini most but I would use it for all sorts of veggies.

  3. Cellabella says

    I’d definitely slice sweet potatoes first! Then regular potatoes, and then zucchini and yellow squash for a ratatouille!

  4. says

    There are so many things I would slice. Zucchini, carrots, cucumbers… I’ve always wanted a mandoline because I kind of hate slicing things by hand. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ooh, and onion. And potatoes. Ahh!

  5. Julie says

    I would use the slicer to slice apples. I love apples. Also potato’s, but you dont want to know about that… LOL not real good for the diet!

  6. Wendy says

    I would be a veggie slicing madwoman! I spend so much time each week slicing veggies, this would be SUCH a timesaver! I just found your blog and I am LOVING it!! Great job!


  7. Christin says

    Well you already know I’d slice potatoes or apples since we talked about it at lunch but I thought I’d formally post so I could take a shot at winning!! See ya tomorrow!

  8. says

    What would I use the mandoline for… well for an Italian Flag pizza ( or a Frittatta ( or Beets, Potatoes and Proscuitto ( Oh I could go on but you get the idea. I finally have perfectly sliced veggies!

  9. Liz H says

    I would probably use the mandoline most for really thin zucchini slices, but I’ve heard it’s also great for potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, and eggplant. Yum!

  10. says

    What a great giveaway, Nicole! Thanks so much for hosting it! I would use the madoline to slice sweet potatoes the most…they’re so hard for me to cut! :)

  11. Tricia Adams says

    Oh my gosh, what wouldn’t I slice with that thing? I’d probably go crazy with potatoes though so I can get them nice and thin and bake up my own chips :-)


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