Cheesy Baked Artichoke Dip

When you’re trying to lose weight, you learn the high-ticket (high-calorie) items on a menu very quickly. I would know, and for the record, artichoke dip is a high-calorie item on a restaurant menu.

Tisk tisk.

But sometimes, you just know what you want. And you want it…nowwww.

When I saw this Cheesy Baked Artichoke Dip on Biz’s blog I knew I had to make it…soon. I wasted no time and made this classic favorite for my family. As they moaned and sighed over the savory, cheesy dip they mentioned their “misbehaving”.

They could hardly believe I had made over the recipe to cut out loads of calories and fat — it tastes like the real deal, they swear.

They’re honest, I believe them. Besides, it was that good, says my taste buds.

It’s about time to say farewell to my folks. Time flies when you’re having fun, but it’s just a few short weeks until my family and Mr. P’s family vacation to Las Vegas together!! Certainly something to look forward to! ;)

Question: What’s your favorite appetizer? Do you like Cheesy Artichoke Dip?

Have a great week!


  1. This sounds so good. I bookmarked it. My favorite appetizer is this –

  2. That looks really different from artichoke dips I’ve ever made but it sounds delicious! My new favorite dip appetizers are loaded baked potato dip and BBQ chicken dip.

  3. I LOVE artichoke dip. My friend always made this chicken artichoke dip that was simply insane. The only thing with their recipe was you couldn’t use “low fat” things because the consistency just didn’t work for some reason… we tried once and failed horribly.

  4. I do love cheesy artichoke dip!! (actually, mention artichoke and I am all over it! lol ) I need to give Biz’s version a try! and I think I would add some spinach in it! :)

    enjoy the last of your visit with mom and dad! have a good day, Nicole!

  5. I do love artichoke dip and when I make it, I use greek yogurt in place of mayo and sour cream. I also load it up with bell peppers and just a tad of Parmesan.

    That being said, my favorite app is bruschetta.

  6. I love artichoke dip but my favorite appetizer is fried calamari. So good!

    I’m sure my husband will love this – I will have to make it for him!

  7. Oh, yes – I LOVE Artichoke dip! My friend makes the absolute best I have ever had…..I could eat it by itself! I just love it, but sometimes, it is so worth it. :-)

  8. Biz always has great recipes!!!!!

  9. This is, hands down, my favorite appetizer. I could eat the stuff by itself! lol

  10. I LOVE artichoke dip and it’s such an easy one to lighten up! My version has spinach too and no one ever knows that it is light! YUM

  11. I’m not a huge appetizer person (I would rather have dessert!) but these look so good. I remember drooling over the pictures in Biz’s blog… I’m happy to have a healthier version to try!

  12. This looks great. I love spinach and artichoke dip. But my hands-down favorite appetizer is nachos. I never get them but I crave them constantly. Great, now I’m craving them even more!

  13. Nicole – love how you healthified the dip – I’ll make your version next time! :D Glad you had a great time with the rents :D

  14. Hi Nicole. Oh YUM – this looks great. I’ve bookmarked it and will make it for a gathering at some point. (I may even have bookmarked it off Biz’s site too – :) ) one of my favorite appies are stuffed mushrooms. The warm kind with lots of gooey, melting cream cheese and herbs. OK…I’m hungry… Have a great week.

  15. I avoid artichoke dip like the plague in restaurants– this lightened up version looks PERFECT for when that craving hits!!!

  16. Artichoke dip is my favorite! I love turning it into a healthier dip too. How did you get that little print me section? What a fantastic idea!!! Have a blast in Las Vegas, I’ve never been so I’m jealous!

  17. I am not sure if I could stop at 1/4c! It looks great!

  18. I made this for a Superbowl party and everyone loved it. No one even knew that it was a low cal version.


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