“Healthy” Baked (Chocolate Chip) Donuts

Sometimes, I feel like a machine.

Yesterday started with an office desk purge. You see, I have the desk at work that no one wants, and everyone talks about. It’s always littered with paper, fruit, calculators, post-it notes, you name it. And then I was really productive crossing off end-of-the-month to-do’s at work.

I called my Grannie on my way home (poor thing is quarantined in her room at the nursing home while the flu bug runs rampant there :( ) and made her day, she said. Little does she know, she made my day, too :-D When I got home, I took Lily on a walk, threw dinner for tonight in the crock pot and into the fridge, cleaned the kitchen, made energy date balls, and ate dinner all before leaving to teach. Holy…productive. Like I said…machine.

I even left a friendly reminder to Mr. Prevention that if he messes up my clean kitchen, he better clean it up!

I probably had all that energy stored up from my carb-o-licious treat on Sunday: “Healthy” Baked (Chocolate Chip) Donuts. Since investing in a donut pan, I want to use it all…the…time. But of course, I want the downward trend in weight to continue, and none of the guilt associated with my personal favorite junk food ;). Especially after Mr. Prevention purchased some of the real deal on Thursday and I resisted all but one stolen bite.

Luckily for him, I shared these. But just a few.

While these donuts aren’t huge, they are sufficient. For 87 calories each, sign me up! :-D

Question: How do you spell donut/doughnut — donut or doughnut?

Doughy love,


  1. Those donuts look delicious! They would go perfectly with my morning coffee :)

  2. I think I do “donut” simply because it’s faster to type. I’m lazy. :p

  3. These look great! I love the portion control size :)

  4. Ha, I love the note that you left the hub. I’m usually a lot less sweet– “Don’t effing touch the kitchen. If you do…CLEAN.” Yep, sweet wifey over here. :-)

  5. Perfect-I love them…they’re the perfect size too!

  6. Wow – these look delicious! My husband loves donuts (I guess that’s how I spell it) and would be over the moon if I made these. Where did you find your donut pan?

  7. Those look so good, I wish they were cooling on my rack. And in my hands for breakfast! Cool idea.

  8. Wow, those look great. Where is this donut pan from?

  9. I have the same desk you do! But I never clean it – what made you so inspired? Love the donut – I am going to try to find a pan. I love donuts but don’t need the calories!

  10. Um yeah. You were a serious machine. I envy you. And need to still some of your motivation/determination/energy.

    If I had a donut pan, I would use it constantly. These sound delicious!

  11. Oh wow those look good. And look! There’s healthy in quotations before the recipe name. Must be good for you!

    Oh, and it’s spelled doughnut, according to the dictionary. Donut comes from Dunkin Donuts. :)

  12. I spell it donut because I’m lazy. I was always taught the proper way was doughnut, but that’s a lot of letters. :)

  13. my hubs is a doughnut FIEND but he does not like homemade donuts. Won’t even let me go there bc he says they don’t taste as good! jerk. haha

  14. Looooooks delicious! I haven’t had a donut in forever! I’m glad you made your grannie’s day :) Talking to my grandmother always puts a smile on my face!

  15. I write it as donut. Ummm….I think I seriously need to invest in a donut pan stat!

  16. Hmmm….I think I spell it “doughnuts”? Either way, it always looks wrong….just like “grey” “gray”!

    I NEED to get a doughnut (donut?) pan like that. :-) I’ve made them before without a pan and they weren’t very pretty…..but tasty!

  17. Oh mi oh my! I don’t no donut pan but would totally make little doughnut holes out of the batter. Looks like I spell it both ways :)

    Your Productivity is majorly impressive! I love it when I’m uber productive.

  18. Holy Cow! delish!!!! I don’t want to make them, I just want to eat them!!!

  19. Wow- those donuts look so great. I could probably never make them, but I would be all over eating some!

  20. Doughnut.

    People tell me I pronounce it weird too. With a heavy emphasis on the DOUGH.

  21. These look so good. I need a donut pan. My landlord gave us local donuts yesterday when we paid rent. My sister laughed because when we pay rent we get goodies and she said she gets nothing (although then I laughed because her landlord is her boyfriend). I spell it donut, but I think that is how it was spelled for dunkin’s, and I think the traditional spelling was doughnut, but I am NOT an expert on that one.

  22. I always say “donut.” I am bookmarking this to make over the weekend (or tomorrow if I have a snow day!). Hannah will love these – thanks Nicole!

  23. Those look so great! The husband has been craving donuts for like 5 months. Maybe I’ll make him these to satisfy his cravings!

  24. All I have to say is how do you do it!!
    Those donuts look delicious! I love that they have chocolate chips in them. yum!!

  25. Nicole, first of all I am loving your blog updates. The pink is such a happy color! Secondly – love that you shared these baked doughnuts. I keep meaning to try some of my own. I spell them differently all the time ;)

  26. I always forget that I have my mini donut pan–thanks for the reminder, and the fabulous recipe!

  27. mmm. I think I need a donut pan!

  28. Yum, these look fabulous, and I love that they’re baked – gotta add a donut pan to my list!


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