Olive Oil & Rosemary Rolls

Hi blog world!

Central Ohio is supposed to have freezing rain and sleet today :( How depressing after the 60 degree sunny Friday we had!!

We had an amazing dinner last night — calamari, Caesar salad, and shrimp & cheesy grits. Divine! My mom and I got the same entree and Mr. P ordered the chicken ravioli and my dad ordered fillet medallions with a balsamic reduction, Gorgonzola mashed potatoes, and asparagus. YUM! :-D I think I’ll have to try making Gorgonzola mashed potatoes…they sound out of this world!

But, today I’ll start sharing the recipes from the homemade Italian meal we enjoyed on Friday night. I am into homemade breads as of late and so while I was cleaning the house like a mad woman on Friday, I took the time to make these rolls. There’s nothing difficult about making homemade breads and rolls, but you have to be around and conscious of the timing of each proof…so they’re perfect for lazy (or busy!) days around the house.

I, personally, am not a HUGE bread person. At a restaurant or event, I will usually bypass the bread basket unless there’s something that really catches my eye. Or, that is unique like rosemary rolls. Mmmm! Similarly, our dinner last night was served with a French loaf with a finely grated cheese and herb sprinkled over the top. Caught my eye ;) I like fancier (higher-calorie – oops!) breads, I guess!

Mom and dad are working out now and I think we’re just bumming around the house today. We had cappuccino and homemade baked glazed doughnuts for breakfast. I have to prep for class tomorrow and we are having “Chipotle Burrito Bowls” with Sweet Barbacoa before heading off to my hockey game tonight! I love when my parents get to see me play, even if I haven’t gotten any better in the past few years ;)

Question: Are you a bread-lover, or do you often pass it up when offered?

Have a great day!


  1. Oh I’m definitely a bread lover :) Yay carbs haha

  2. I am a huge bread lover. I like to try different breads to enhance the flavor of a sandwich. I also like crusty, crunchy bread for dunking into soup and bowls. But I’ve never made my own bread (unless you count the whole wheat pizza dough I made last night). So I have a question- I don’t have a stand mixer, what could I do to achieve the same effect with a regular ol’ hand beater?

  3. Those roll look amazing – I am loving fresh rosemary these days. I made a rosemary butter for our steaks last week – so good! I could eat bread all day long and not get sick of it!

  4. I love bread – homemade bread is the best. Especially with butter. I love butter.

  5. oh Rosemary is probably one of my all time fav flavors…I love to make bread, might have to give these a try!

    so nice you are getting to spend time with your mom and dad…I don’t care how old we get, there is nothing like it!!! Enjoy!!

  6. Such a bread lover, especially when olive oil and wine and cheese are involved. These look amazing Nicole.

  7. I love good bread… and rosemary… these rolls sound delicous! You might try adding a little extra yeast next time. There is a recipe I have that calls for one packet, but I’ve found turns out much better with a little extra.

  8. Love rosemary and olive oil bread! Divine

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