Soft Seasoned Pretzels

I can remember eating a lot of soft pretzels when I was losing weight. At Cubs games, high school sporting events, and so on, where there were never “healthy” options. As someone cutting calories, events usually meant choosing the lesser of many evils. For me, that was usually in the form of soft pretzels.

Recently, one of my students and I got into a discussion about soft pretzels as he works sporting events for Ohio State. He shared that the pretzels are lathered in butter and the nutrition facts on the box are…grim. …Dang.

When I ran across a recipe a few weeks ago for soft pretzels I knew I had to make them. No butter involved. And they looked…amazing.

It’s ironic that I made these on Sunday because last night I watched an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay that featured soft pretzels. As crazy as these directions sounded, they now all make sense to me. :)

Some can look better than others, though. Not to brag or anything, but I excel in pretzel formation when compared to Mr. Prevention.

He was a little offended to have his pretzels picked on so publicly, but he swears his tasted better than mine. Sore loser.

Question: What do you like to eat at a sporting event? Nachos? Soft pretzels? Peanuts? Hot dogs?

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  1. I am sooooo impressed! Your pretzels are PERFECT!!!

  2. Wow! those look delicious! I love soft pretzels :)

  3. I tend to just bring my own food when attending sporting events, but pretzels are always a delicious treat. I love this homemade recipe! Although I might have to smother them in cinnamon sugar. :P

  4. I like to eat all of the above, thanks! haha, actually just the hot dog, but Nick always gets soft pretzels and I have a few :) I saw that episode of Throwdown actually, and it made me CRAVVVVE soft pretzels, so these sound amazing right now. I’m impressed Nicole!!

  5. Who doesn’t love a soft pretzel-love that you made them! YUMMMY!!!!

  6. Those look amazing! Will have to try them soon.

  7. Soft pretzels are one of my all-time favorite snacks! This is the second blog post about soft pretzels that I’ve come across today. Must be a sign that I NEED to make these!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe and tutorial, Nicole! They look AMAZING!

  8. Mmmm!! Great recipe–I haven’t made pretzels in far too long! I love mine sweet with some cinnamon and sugar =)

  9. They do look so pretty! Super impressive Nicole :)

  10. Wow your pretzels look so impressive. I would love to steal the whole tray from your kithen :)
    I loves any meaty snacks like burgers, chicken wings, meatballs, etc. at the games :)

  11. Ha! Isn’t it funny how our perception of what is a healthier food can be totally off depending on how it’s prepared? Kind of like popcorn at the movies – even when you ask for no butter, I’m not convinced it’s totally plain. Glad you were able to enjoy one of your favorite treats!

  12. WOw! what the pretzel maker you are. They look perfect even Mr. Prevention’s :))

  13. I haven’t had a soft pretzel in SO long! They actually don’t remind me of sporting events– they remind me of the MALL!!!

  14. So beautiful! Those look like the turned out great…well worth a happy sigh. I go for pretzels a lot because it’s one of Philly’s signatures!

  15. I agree! That is usually what I eat at sporting events….although I try to smuggle in a wrap from home (only because I’m frugal, and even those pretzels can be 5! Then they always make me want a Diet Coke/Beer, which is another $6….) ;-)

  16. These look amazing. I’m like you. If I’m somewhere that has food I won’t eat, I’ll opt for pretzels. I had a feeling Auntie Ann-type pretzels were terrible for you but I didn’t guess the general soft pretzels were buttered, too. Sigh.

  17. I love soft pretzels! Yours look amazing!

  18. Holy cow Nicole…forget me making these, I am just coming down and eating YOURS! they look spectacular!!!

    I have to admit, I love me some nachos and cheese WITH jalapenos at games….no NOT diet friendly.

  19. There’s a great brewery in Nashville that has really good pretzels. I like margaritas on the rocks and beer brats with mustard :).

  20. I LOVE soft pretzels! I’m glad to see a recipe for them…that’s awesome! I eat soft pretzels or ice cream at sporting events.

  21. There is nothing like a good homemade pretzel. Which reminds me that I should make some again. I made them a while ago and, for some reason, haven’t made them since!

    …maybe I can make heart shapes for Valentine’s day :D

  22. I love soft pretzels! They are soo delicious! These look excellent. I am sure they taste so delicious homemade. You are a good pretzel shaper for sure. :)

  23. I love soft pretzels! You don’t know how excited I am to try this recipe!

  24. I love soft pretzels – dipped in that synthetic cheese sauce! hahaha! I just ruined any chances of making my pretzel even remotely healthy!

  25. I think both of you made lovely looking pretzels. :)

  26. drooooooooooooooool….. those look amazing!!!

    I used to eat those fake cheese nachos like it was going out of style- ew.

  27. WOW! These look amazing!

  28. Wow…those look amazing. My sporting event food? Veggie dogs and beer. Neither of which I’m particularly proud to eat/drink. Good thing I don’t go to to many sporting events.

  29. Loving these soft & doughy pretzels!

  30. I have got to make these! They look amazing.

  31. Haha, yours is way prettier :) I’ve never made soft pretzels and really want to try, yours look incredible!

  32. I’m making these today! YUM-O!! Thanks Nicole! :)


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