white fish with white wine & lemon sauce

Happy Saturday!

My parents are here, safe & sound! We went out yesterday to David’s Bridal so I could try on bridesmaid dresses for a wedding I’m in this October. I appreciate their opinions and Mr. Prevention dodged that activity, which he was very pleased about.

We came home to enjoy an evening of Chianti straight from Italy (one huge perk to Mr. P having lived overseas for a few years!), artichoke dip, bolognese, rosemary rolls, and whole wheat skillet cookie. With a larger group than just Mr. P and I we seized the opportunity to use our formal dining room.

The table was my Grannie’s which has been passed down to me. It is a gorgeous, glass-top table with stunning high-back black and white chairs. It is a stunning piece of furniture that obviously holds a special place in my heart.

But before I move on to last night’s amazing recipes, I’ll finish up last week’s menu! Plus, I still need to calculate the nutrition information for everything ;)

I mentioned recently that we have been eating inadequate amounts of fish as of late. And I don’t know why, we love fish! To solve this, I planned 2 fish meals last week: Poached Salmon Pasta Salad and this baked perch (I thought I bought tilapia, but it was perch) which I topped with a White Wine & Lemon Sauce to season things up. Delicious!

Mom and I already worked out today and we’ve watched several episodes of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown while munching on fresh strawberries and Blueberry Breakfast Cakes! Are you seeing a trend here? LOTS of upcoming yummy recipes!! Keep an eye out!

We are off to the North Market in Columbus! I’ve never been, I’m excited! I am taking the night off and we have a 7pm reservation at my favorite restaurant tonight :-D

Question: If you’re a fish eater, what fish is your favorite?

I like changing things up, but I just love salmon…

Hope it’s as beautiful there as it is here! (FINALLY!)


White Wine and Lemon Sauce

1 tablespoon Meyer Lemon Olive Oil
1 shallot (other onion can be substituted in a pinch) — roughly chopped
1/2 cup white wine
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon fresh parsley
1/2 lemon

In a sauce pan, heat 1 tablespoon of the Meyers Lemon Olive Oil over medium heat

Sauté shallots until softened and beginning to color, about 1 1/2 minutes

Add wine, increase heat to high and bring to boil, boil until reduced to 1/4 cup — about 3-5 minutes. Remove sauce pan from burner and pour into another container, such as a coffee mug or creamer, through a small strainer to strain out the shallot, and then discard the shallot.

Whisk in butter and parsley — and a squeeze of half a lemon

Set aside and keep warm until the fish is done.


  1. I was just planning on making mahi mahi tonight for the first time. I think I will use your sauce. Thank you Nicole : )

  2. Salmon is definitely my favorite too :)

  3. Looks gorgeous! I don’t feel very confident in cooking fish, but b/c of Candid RD I feel the need to eat it more often and have tried to add a fish oil supplement. (which is not going well by the way :P) Salmon is def. our favorite.

  4. just found your blog! I have my MS in nutrition but I havent gone through the DI yet. I work as a School Nutrition Associate for SNAP-Ed.

    Anyway, love love love fish- all kinds of fresh fish! I was spoiled working my way through grad school at bonefish grill- I ate it all the time! My fav. is salmon but I love white fish with white wine sauces! great recipe!

  5. Everything looks delicious! My favorite fish is salmon. Unless we’re including shellfish, then of course lobster, shrimp, and crab might beat salmon. ;)

  6. Fish is my favorite! I love salmon, especially smoked salmon.

  7. haha, Nick would dodge dress fitting too, definitely.
    I love salmon, in fact I just had it this night and last night (which is actually not common for me). I’ve been into eating it rare, which sounds gross (maybe?) but it’s delicious! I’ve never poached salmon before. I just sear it on both side with EVOO.

    I hope you enjoyed the North Market. That place is awesome. They do a wine festival every summer and you and Mark will HAVE to come with us!!

  8. Fun times with the parentals! I definitely need to eat more fish. It’s just so expensive! My favorite is salmon and I refuse to buy any except for wild salmon…which might be why I think it’s so expensive lol. although usually when I’m craving fish…I suck it up and buy sushi from the joint across the street from me. I figure it’s the healthiest take-out a girl can get, right?

  9. oh wow, looks like an amazing meal! i do love fish (it’s the only meat i eat.) my favorite would have to be tuna, raw or seared mid rare, but i generally don’t discriminate.


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