Baked Crab Rangoon + Weekly Menu

This weekend is flying by a little too quickly :( That is partly fact and partly the fact that this upcoming week is sheer insanity. But at least I’ve got a great menu planned :-D

I whipped up these Baked Crab Rangoon yesterday for “lunch”. We opted to have a finger foods lunch that was on the lighter side, knowing dinner would be a splurge. Ends up we got lazy and stayed in with a pizza and some fresh caprese, but whatever. Whenever I get Chinese take-out it’s hard not to order the crab rangoon…they are so good. But, their deep-fried exterior packs far too many calories, fat, and trans fat to enjoy them with any regularity.

When I saw this baked version I knew I had to try them…and we really enjoyed them. Guilt-free! Best when dipping in sweet & sour sauce! ;)

I ran yesterday. I had planned an easy 3, but that turned into an effortless 5 1/2. I just love those runs. Of course the hilarious Run, Fat Boy, Run being recorded for my pleasure was helpful – such a funny movie. I probably over did it just a bit as I can feel a subtle pain in my right heel. Today’s workout is a hockey game, and Monday is a rest day so I hope 2 days of babying it will clear things right back up!

Weekly Menu: April 10th-14th

Looks good, doesn’t it? Mmmm! :)

Laundry, and yard work, and breakfast, and exam-making, and Medicare paperwork, and Lily are all calling my name. Off I go!

Question: Do you like crab rangoon?

Be well,


  1. THOSE. LOOK. SO. GOOD. I am a sucker for crab rangoon!

  2. Crab rangoons are my weakness! I love that these are baked for only a few fat grams per serving instead of the massive fat in the ones at the local restaurants that are deep fried.

  3. You know, I never liked crab rangoon much – the only times I’ve ever had it, it’s been greasy and weird-tasting (probably due to the deep-fried-ness). I love crab AND cream cheese, though, so I’ll have to try your infinitely healthier baked version! Great menu for the week. I like PF Chang’s lettuce wraps – good idea to make your own version!

    Glad to hear about your effortless run – hope the pain in your foot goes away! Good luck with your crazy week, Nicole!

  4. AWESOME! I just bought wontons! i totally need crab now! =)

  5. That looks delicious! You always cook up the most creative dishes :)

    Love your weekly menu (especially the “PF Changs” lettuce wraps)!

  6. Ohhh let me know how you like the spicy cheese crisps! Yum! :) And I’m also looking forward to the lettuce wraps!

  7. Stephanie says:

    These look so good that I decided to make them as an appetizer to tonight’s dinner!

  8. I’m so glad you liked them! Now I have a taste for these again!

  9. Great looking menu, and yay for the run. Oh wow…I am SO going to try these rangoons!!! Have a good (busy) week!

  10. Oooh..I do like crab rangoon. This looks quite delicious!
    I just read your blog and wonder how you do it all. You are truly amazing!
    Love your weekly eats!

  11. Sounds like you have a great menu plan lined up–yummy! :-)

  12. I made these a fews ago. We double the amount of crab meat, and they turned out excellent. Thank you for the great recipe.


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