Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread + Weekly Menu

This is the perfect recipe to post on this most uneventful day. Today is the first day in a long, long time that I have NOTHING I “have” to do. What a beautiful thing…

While the weather isn’t fabulous, it could be worse. I was just happy to sleep in, and wake-up to Mr. Prevention at my side. Of course, he continued to catch another 2+ hours of beauty rest while I got up and got busy on this recipe. Happy to do so, I should add.

I saw this Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread 2 weeks ago and I’ve been chomping at the bit, literally, to make it ever since. This is the perfect breakfast treat…on occasion. While I can’t sing the praises of its nutritional composition, that is quickly forgotten as it melts in your mouth.

Plan ahead as this isn’t a quick treat. But I assure you, it is well worth the wait. Mr. Prevention enjoyed the cinnamon and sugar scent wafting its way up to the bedroom. He reported directly to the kitchen, inquiring what I was up to. What can I say? The man loves his carbs. But then again, who doesn’t? ;)

Yesterday was weigh-in. I attended a new meeting and sadly, their scale was not reflective of my own. While I was expecting a small loss (0.2 lbs), their scale read +0.8 lbs. That’s okay, though…no biggie. I’m feeling motivated! However, last night was an indulgent order of Chimichangas and beer tasting and this morning started off with this sinful Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread! Calories all accounted for!

Workout-wise, yesterday was 45 arduous mintutes on the elliptical followed by a mile cool-down walk on the treadmill. I also walked Lily twice yesterday. Today will be a run…probably 5 miles or so. :)

Weekly Menu: May 1st – 5th

Question: What’s your favorite sinful breakfast?

Nom nom nom,


  1. Sundays with nothing on the agenda are so nice! Glad you get to slow down a bit! :)

    Your breakfast looks wonderful!!! My favorite indulgent breakfast is a savory omelet with hash brown potatoes.

  2. It’s like monkey bread, but cooler! I just really love pancakes- I sort of go above and beyond with them- so they’re more like a dessert than anything else…

    • I need to research Monkey Bread. I know my mom has made it for her work a few times and all she ever says is how unhealthy it is :) So, basically, it’s got to be similar to this recipe!

  3. This looks soooo good! I love breads that pull apart…they’re so addicting though because I just want to keep pulling! Cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing definitely top my sinful breakfast list.

  4. That .8 will be GONE in a flash Nicole!!! My favorite sinful breakfast – french toast stuffed with cream cheese and fruit….with lots of maple syrup. We had it at a B&B once….and I’ll never forget it. I’m sure it was a week’s worth of points in one meal!!! :) Have a great rest of the day!!

    • Thanks, Roz! I hope so! I’ve never had/made stuffed French Toast. I tend to have a fondness for all things involving cream cheese :)

  5. I’ve seen that bread recipe floating around the web quite a bit! I just love the method for piecing it together instead of rolling it!

  6. That bread sounds amazing. It would be the perfect breakfast for a day like today. Far better than the half assed oatmeal I made. Trying to find food in my parents kitchen is painfully difficult.

  7. That pull apart bread looks so fun and easy to EAT haha!

    Peach and Gorgonzola Chicken Pizza! That sounds like such a good combo!

    Oh goodness, I miss big elaborate sinful breakfasts like eggs florentine with home fries or a big stack of pancakes with real maple syrup! Italy doesn’t really do exciting breakfasts…

    • Now that I’m thinking of it, you’re right. Italy needs to work on making breakfast sinfully delicious like the French ;)

  8. Mmm this looks delicious! There’s just something about warm bread with cinnamon sugar that makes for a perfect breakfast. It sounds just like a churro :D My favorite guilty breakfast would be a big stack of chocolate chip pancakes or french toast :D

  9. YUM! I saw this recipe on Joy the Baker and thought: YES! I need to make this!

    I love anything cinnamon.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes! You very much so do need to make this. If you’re less than impressed, I’ll be in Canada in no time to help out.

  10. I’ve had this bookmarked since I saw it on Joy the Baker! It looks just as amazing today as it did then! I really want it, but need to wait until I have plenty of people to help me eat it!

    • Nicole says:

      I strongly recommend that plan. My fingers were in the leftovers this morning. So good reheated in the microwave. Though, I probably shouldn’t have shared that, huh? ;)

  11. I saw this on Annie’s Eats last month and immediately book marked it. Looks delicious! I was drooling over the shrimp cobb salad on the cover of Cooking Light – all of my favorites in one salad! I hope it turns out as good as it looks!

    • Nicole says:

      I hope so, too!

      This pull-apart bread is seriously amazing…I fell in love all over again this morning :)

  12. Ahhh I saw this glorious recipe a few weeks ago too–looks heavenly & I bet it sure does smell amazing when it’s baking. The taste can’t be bad either ;-)


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