Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

Ji-row. Gear-o. Year-o. Gyro. However you say it…yum.

I grew up in a family of gyro-eating fools. Some families do pizza…some do burgers and fries…we did gyros. Ah, the guilty pleasures in life. My brother, above all, would do just about anything to get his hands on a gyro. Me? I’d love to. But at the age of 13 when I decided I just didn’t have a metabolism enough to handle an occasional gyro, my mom and I started sharing them.

And really, half is enough. Gyros (this version being no exception) are plentiful. Meaty. Savory. Mouth-watering good. And the traditional gyro tzatziki sauce is just the cherry on the cake. Or in this case, the sauce that makes the gyro…a gyro.

As the love affair with my grill (even in rainy weather, gr!) continues, I am enjoying finding new meals to enjoy, compliments of the grill. By summer’s end, I want to be declared (self-proclaimed) a Grill Master. I will chalk this meal up as another success story. Enjoy!

I have been TERRIBLE on the workout front this past week. Since my duathlon on the 12th I have ellipticized once and played one hockey game. Eek. Not good. I haven’t had a workout drought this bad in at least a year. This week – back on the workout wagon. I am no longer sore, and I have no excuses not to!

Question: How do you pronounce “gyro”? And do you like’em? Love’em? Could live without’em?

Have a great week!


  1. Year-o, for me.

    Everybody seems to be in a workout slump right now… mine is more related to my kiddos’ schedules (and unwillingness to stay in the gym nursery, ugh).

    I’m more of a falafel gal… but I do love me some Tzatziki.

  2. I LOVE gyros!!! Nick is “allergic” to lamb (??) but chicken gyros would definitely be a great idea. I have never tried making my own, but your pictures are making my mouth water.

    We’re making the peanut thai burgers today. And actually, we had burgers last night too, so it may be a good things that we are postponing the trip to Thurmans. Burgers three times in one week?! Yikes.

  3. I am SO excited about this recipe!! Thank you!! We LOVE Gyros, to the degree of obsession, but of course would rather make them at home so they’ll be healthier… but we’ve never found a recipe we’ve truly liked yet!! Now I finally have a GORGEOUS recipe to fix! Immediately! THANK YOU!! :-)

  4. I used to pronounce them “Ji-Roes”, until I asked for a ji-roe at a Greek festival and received many strange looks, hehe. I love gyros, but I’ve never attempted to make them myself. It never even occurred to me to try making them with chicken – how clever! The tzatziki sauce is one of my favorite parts: the perfect cool and creamy accompaniment :) I like how you gave options to cut sodium and carbs, too. Great recipe!

    Have a wonderful week, Nicole!

  5. I say yeero. There is this place though near my called Grecian Gyro and it would sound a lot better if it was pronounced Grecian Gy-ro.

  6. I LOVE gyros. Yours look and sound absolutely amazing. And I love tzatziki. I haven’t made it in ages, but it really goes with everything… The perfect summer sauce! :)

    Have a great week!

  7. I’m in a workout drought, too. I could blame my move and whatnot, but really, it shouldn’t be so hard to fit in 20 or 30 minutes here and there… meh!

  8. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has trouble figuring out the right pronunciation for gyro. I always feel stupid ordering at a restaurant because I say it 38379 different ways so the waiter knows what I’m talking about! Haha!

  9. Love them! these look fantastic!!!!! I love the flatbread and the tzatziki the most….heck, I could skip the rest and just eat those two things! haha

  10. Definitely year-o. Those look so professional with their foil wrappers! I might be putting this one on the dinner menu this week!

  11. I pronounce it Ji-row. I love them!

  12. After I traveled in Greece for a month and found an amazingly delicious (yet terrible) gyro stand which we ate at every chance we got, gyros (year-o) have become the most requested meal from my family for me to make. Love them!

    And tzatziki sauce – my favorite!

    Yours look absolutely delicious! Served up with a Greek salad (just cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, a little feta and a drizzle of olive oil) you’ve got my favorite meal.

  13. I LOVE gyros. Theyve always been a rare treat because I really dont think theres any place around where I can get them.
    Oh, and I am in love with you for posting a tzatziki sauce recipe. I’ve never been able to make it quite right, so I’ll have to try this one.

  14. whoa this looks SO so good!! Another delicious looking recipe!

  15. I say gi-roe but I have a co-worker that pronounces it yiddo. Either way, yours looks fantastic!

  16. I say yurros. THese look DELICIOUS.

  17. YUM! I love gyros. When I went to Michigan State, my friends and I would also go to a little Mom and Pop place that served them. Brings back good memories!

  18. I got my annual gyro fix this weekend at the Greek Village in our local Carrousel of Nations. I honestly wait all year for it!

  19. Hilarious…I have often wondered how to pronouce gyro properly, because so many people say it so many different ways. For me, I say ‘year-oh”. Good luck with the workouts Nicole, hope you have a great week.

  20. I’ll call you a grill master! These look awesome.

  21. I say “yeer-o” as well!

    If only the kind you get at a Coney Island, the real kind with lamb, could be even slightly healthy for you. Not a bad hangover breakfast tho!

  22. Yeer-os for me! I called them ji-ros though before I went to college, much like how I though quinoa was pronounced kwin-o-ah. Oops!

  23. I looove gyros! Seriously, they are soo delicious!
    I’m going to have to try this recipe.
    The sauce really makes it though, doesn’t it?

  24. I love year-os! and I love rich creamy tzatziki. I need to experiment with making gluten free breads at home because I have loved the ones I’ve found at the grocery store so far.

  25. I wish I grew up your household! I was much older when I first had a gyro. now I can’t get enough.

  26. These look great! Now I am craving a gyro! Mmmm… I am so glad that you enjoyed them! They are one of my favorite recipes. :)


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