Money Matters: Coconut Potato Curry with Basil and Cashews

Don’t you love when things turn out the way you imagine? Voila!

I hesitated to put this on last week’s menu…but I took the plunge. I risked the coconut-hating palate of Mr. Prevention in a stubborn move to make a meal that appealed more to my taste buds than his. I know, how dare me!

Hey, those who do all the dishes (every night) should make a selfish move once in awhile…right? I think yes.

While Mr. Prevention would prefer a meal with meat, he sure cleared his plate in approval. And did he detect the coconut milk? Nope. But it’s not that the coconut flavor wasn’t there…it was just complimented by savory cashews and Indian spices. And heat. Plenty of spicy.

Mr. Prevention described this as a stew. I guess I could agree with that. With tomatoes coming into season, this is the perfect flavor-packed, one pan, vegetarian meal to add to your weekly menu! Enjoy!


On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being “I hate my liiife” and 10 being “Woo!”) I felt a -1 towards working out last night. My workouts have been so sporadic and infrequent over the past week that my legs were rebelling against movement. I started slow by taking Lily on a 3/4 mile walk. And then I headed down to the treadmill to watch the Bachelorette and finished 5K in 35:10. It wasn’t until about 2 miles in that my legs no longer felt like lead. And I plan to either bike (weather pending) or ellipticize tonight. Five workouts this week…or bust!

Question: What’s your favorite Indian spice?

I have to go with cumin.

Be well,


  1. Great job getting in the workout! And love this dish. I have been making a lot more veg meals and have loved being able to convince Peter to eat them. Thank goodness I can “blame” it on the budget. LOL But he ends up always loving them too.

  2. I don’t know what my favorite Indian Spice is, but I am LOVING Indian food lately (baby must be craving it ;)). What a creative dish!

  3. That curry looks amazing! I love curry, but haven’t put it on the menu for a few months now. YUM!

    Way to go on getting in your workout – sometimes you just have to force yourself to do it and then end up enjoying it.

  4. Yay! I’m so glad you liked the curry and that it passed the Mr. Prevnetion tastebuds test! The coconut definitely wasn’t SUPER prominent in it…there were just so many other flavors going on!

    I’m sorry you’re having an off workout week. :( But just think, if you push yourself this week, then next week will be that much easier!

  5. Wow– this is JUST my kind of recipe!!! Yum!

  6. This sounds awesome. I’m actually a huge fan of the coconut flavor, and of course am in love with Indian spices! So many to choose, but I’d have to say a good quality curry powder would be my favorite because it combines several great spices!

  7. I really like cumin too! Turmeric is up there though!

  8. I have been on a real coconut milk kick lately! Love the flavor it gives to curries…this looks delicious, Nicole!

    Since it’s a blend of a ton of spices, is it cheating if I say my fav Indian spice is garam masala? ;)

  9. I love indian dishes…especially curry!
    This looks great!
    I love your goal of 5 workouts this week! I need to start setting weekly goals with exercise.
    I LOVE garam masala! Combines all the best indian spices in one!

  10. This looks amazing, and provided I can remember to steal some basil from my moms plant, Im totally making it tonight.

    Im glad you made a meal that would appeal more to you – it makes me feel a little better about ONLY cooking meals that appeal to me. When I cooked for the ex boyfriend, I told him, if you dont like it go to Subway ALL the time. :)

  11. Looks so tasty! The only Indian spice I know of is curry….and I like that!

  12. You got your workout in. AWESOME! It’s much easier to give up on it when you feel like a -1, so I’m really happy for you :)

  13. OH Nicole, this recipe looks SOOOOO good!!! (and I laughed out loud, I “sneak” coconut milk into some recipes and my husband is none the wiser. But if he knew it was in there, he’d say “ewwww – I hate coconut”. Sounds like both of our husbands are cut from the same cloth!! :) ) My favorite Indian Spice is more a blend…garam masala. And as a result of your post, I am craving Indian food….must make some soon. Have a great day. Yay for the workout!!!!!!

  14. Cumin is my favorite too, but I do have to say curry and coconut go exceptionally well together. Glad you could sneak the coconut past your hubs :)

  15. Those who cook and clean get full rule over the kitchen! :-)


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