No-Rise Grilled Flatbreads + Weekly Menu

The grill is great…when it doesn’t rain. We learned this the hard way yesterday when we had 16 people packed in our house, it was pouring rain outside, and I could hear stomachs begin to rumble. Plan B? Hm…hadn’t thought of one of those.

Into the garage went the grill. And into the house went the smoke. And then there were smoke alarms…blaring. Small disaster. But crisis averted as all 16 were fed hot, grilled food despite the weather.

So while you do need a grill to make these flatbread, you could probably improvise with a foreman, oven, grill in a garage…you get the point. And if you’re wondering, “Nicole, what ever would I want to do with one of these grilled flatbread?”, I have several answers for you.

  1. Check back tomorrow for an answer.
  2. Use flatbread in place of bread for sandwiches.
  3. Dip them into hummus, dips, soups, etc.
  4. Use them as you would naan in an Indian meal
  5. Make pizzas on them
  6. The skyyyy is the limit!

Weekly Menu: June 19th – 23rd

Busy week coming up…and yesterday was exhausting! We cleaned and entertained our little hearts away…and fell into bed before 9pm. No shame, it was glorious! :-D

Question: What night are you coming over for dinner? ;)

Hope the weather is nicer where ever you are!!



  1. These look amazing! They sort of remind me of naan ;)

  2. Oh no, good thing you figured out an alternative plan! I love grilling flatbreads/pizzas – so good :)

  3. Oh shoot! I never realized that the smoke would come into the house. That sucks majorly! I hope your house doesn’t smell too badly like barbecue now.

    Those flatbreads would be awesome with Indian food.

  4. Yum, I need to make these!!! :D

  5. I was totally thinking pizza! yum! I love how these can be made quickly without planning ahead for rise time!

  6. Grilled flat bread is so delicious!

    Too funny about the smoke alarms – hope you were able to laugh it off! At least it was a party that everyone will remember!

  7. Bread on the grill is amazing! This looks delicious!
    Can’t wait to see how your menu for the week turns out.

  8. These look excellent! I just grilled pizza for the first time the other day, but used store-bought dough from Whole Foods. Thanks for the simple recipe, I will have to try it!


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