Oven-Fried Pickles

I think I’ve raved about fried pickles on the blog before. You see, I was a fried pickle newbie when I moved to Tulsa and that quickly changed. While they’re not a staple food in the Midwest, these are one popular treat in the south…and I can certainly see why.

YUM. And for the sake of probably being wrong…don’t knock’em til you’ve tried them because I thought the saaaame thing.

I was talking to my best friend on the phone, telling her about these faux fried pickles. I just went on and on and on about how good they were. And then she asked me a really tough question. “If you had to serve a meal to guests that you wanted to ‘wow’, what would you make?”

I don’t know! It would probably depend on the weather, time of year, any known dietary preferences, etc. But all the while I could only think of these pickles and how sad I was that they were gone.

I really enjoy the fake-out frying that oven-frying (i.e. breading and baking) can produce. I’m not even sure why people deep-fat fry any more these days. I’ve had great success with everything from pickles to chicken to calamari to zucchini. I’m convinced that with the right ingredients and recipe, anything you want to taste fried…can. Sans the fat and calories.

Case in point:

Please note that while this recipe specifies Claussen pickles, that is a preference. Mr. Prevention and I had a huge to-do over pickles. I much prefer refrigerated brands (such as Claussen) to the shelf-stable varieties. While the latter comes with a kinder price tag, I just don’t think they’re quite up to par. But…that’s just my opinion :) Choose which ever pickle tickles your fancy! ;)

And seeing as yesterday was National Running Day, I went out for a run after teaching. Last night I gave an exam so I was home early and on the road by 8pm. My body…felt…like…bricks. I kept telling myself not to look down at my Garmin because I knew I would get discouraged if I saw a pace I wasn’t pleased with. So I just trucked along and ended up finishing 3 miles in 30:38. I was almost in shock…that’s about a typical pace for me. During my run I was assuming a 13:30 min/mile pace…literally. I wanted to stop after 10 minutes, but the weather was just too nice to go inside and be a bum. Guess National Running Day brought a smile to my face after all :)

Question: Have you ever had fried pickles? Like’em?

Chicago-bound with Lily for the weekend! 2 day work week…ohhh yeaaaa. :-D

See you in I-L-L,


  1. These totally sound like a snack my husband would enjoy. He loves pickles and having them breaded and baked would be a perfect treat. Have a great trip!

  2. I’ve never had fried pickles, but I think I’m just going to skip the fried part and go straight to these oven-fried babies! That crust looks amazing.

    And yay for not looking at your garmin and still rocking a run! I stopped wearing mine because it was just making me upset. At least right now, it’s better for my body to just run at whatever speed it wants!

    • I know, I just need to TRUST myself! I don’t know why I struggle with that…I’m out there doing it! P.S. You must try fried pickles!

  3. I LOVE fried pickles. LOVE them…and I haven’t had them in a long time!! I’ll have to fire up the oven one night and make these!

  4. Last summer my family and I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach and every restaurant down there advertises these fried pickle chips. After seeing so many signs and ads we finally decided to give them a try. Fabulous! I loved them so much and so did my family. I cannot wait to surprise them with this homemade, healthier version! Yum! :-)

    • I haven’t heard of anyone not liking fried pickles after they’re tried them. I hope your family enjoys the healthified version ;)

  5. I might have to give those pickles a try! Not sure what my husband would think about them – he might wonder if I am pregnant if I randomly served them up. Ooooh, that would be funny. A fried pickle on top of ice cream… :)

    I was so not looking forward to running yesterday because I felt so tired and sluggish. However, since it was National Running Day I laced up my shoes and promised I would do 4-5 miles slowly. Welp, after a mile I felt great and ended up doing 8 miles at 8 minute mile pace. I was in such a great mood when I got home. I love running highs.

    • WOW! Congrats to you! That’s quick! And long! :)

      And yes, I do think your hubby would have to roll that one over a few times in his head ;)

  6. My husband loves fried pickles. Maybe I’ll give this a try for him.

  7. Love fried pickles!

  8. I used to work at the Old Bag Of NAils, where fried pickles are a staple!! So yes, I’ve had them, but like you said…why do we still fry when baking can be just as delicious?! These look so amazing! I need to buy Panko crumbs. I say that all the time, literally, but I will buy them, and I will use them, and I will (not) blog about them. WAHHHHH!!

    Have fun in Chicago!

    • Ugh, that sucks!!

      I’ve never had OBON fried pickles – maybe we’ll have to try them out with you guys some time! Man, we have quite the list of things to do with you guys!!!!

  9. There is a place here called Yeah! Burger than has the best fried pickles. I’ll have to try your baked version.

  10. OMGish – I’ve never heard of fried pickles but I cannot WAIT to try these. I love pickles and anything ‘fried’ but I have to agree with you that fake-out frying is the way to go! Looks awesome – thanks for sharing!

  11. So, I’ve never tried fried pickles, but OH how I want to. This recipe looks great and I love hearing your rave review. I might just have to make them!

    • OH how you SHOULD! :)

      • So I finally tried eating fried pickles this past weekend. My friend ordered them at the bar and offered to share. A couple of things I noted: 1) They were pickle spears and not pickle slices like you have here.
        2) They were battered not unlike fish and chips. Yours look a bit more crispy )maybe because of the panko?)

        Anyway, I have to say that they were pretty nasty. I was expecting them to be SO awesome too so I was bummed that I didn’t like them. All my girlfriends loved them though, so I guess it’s just me.

  12. I recently made chicken nuggets in a similar fashion and they were amazing! Next is definitely fried pickles and onion rings! I had them for the first time a couple of months ago and fell in love! Fried jalapenos are amazing as well!

  13. I’ve never tried fried pickles even though my sister tells me how awesome they are. I love the “oven fried” makeover! I might have to give these a try. I loooove pickles!

  14. I totally share your pickle philosophy! lol Oooooo…..def going to give this one a try!!! They look amazing! and yes, I have had fried pickles before, and really liked them!

    Good for you for getting your run in…and you are correct, what a absolutely amazing weather day we had yesterday…and yup, I have been busy soaking all this warm and sunny weather in too! lol

  15. You had me at fried pickles.

    I love them and would eat them every day.

  16. You know I love fried pickles :)

    So glad you enjoyed the recipes :)

  17. Im a big pickle fan – I love them. Alot. How I have never heard of fried pickles before is kind of a mystery. I need to make these. Like, yesterday.

  18. I’ve never tried fried pickles and I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to lol I guess I’ll have to take your word for it but I AM a fan of the claussen pickles vs any other variety! I would have to use those too if I ever tried this recipe!!
    Have a safe trip to chicago!

  19. I just tried fried pickles for the first time last weekend! They’re so good. I love this lightened up version. I’m going to have to give it a shot. Looking at these really makes me want some.

    • Lots of newbies to fried pickles and of course, only good things to say! :) They’re a crowd-pleaser, and these are kind to the waist line :)

  20. Have fun in Chicago!!!! If you need help with where to go etc let me know!

  21. I’m a Claussen fan too! :) I’ve never had fried pickles but I would love to try them…love how nice and crispy these are (and how they’re oven-baked!).

  22. I freaking love pickles! These sound delicious to me! Jacob on the other hand hates pickles. That boy’s missing out.

    Way to stick through the run!

  23. These look delicious! I have never had fried pickles but have heard they are amazing. I love that you baked them also. Going to have to give this a go. Thanks!!

  24. Being from the south (New Orleans), I LOVE fried pickles. I’ve never tried making them myself though, so I’ll definitely have to give it a try :)

  25. Hi Nicole, I’ve never tried a fried pickle, but I must!!!!! Have a great day!!!

  26. This looks like the PERFECT comfort food! I’ve never had fried pickles but I can almost bet that I would love them! I’m sure they would be awesome for someone who is pregnant!

  27. I love fried pickles. They’re great! I’m gonna have to try this recipe out with some gluten free bread crumbs now that I can’t enjoy them out any more. :-)

  28. Can’t wait to try these. My 4 yr old LUVs pickles… to the point where I worry sometimes he’ll experience severe water retention from all the sodium (it’s tough having an RD mom ;-)

    I just purchased whole wheat panko for the first time… think it will work as well?

  29. I got them at EarthFare. It’s a Whole Foods type grocer located in the south, mainly. The brand is Ian’s, which I know is fairly widespread. The label said “whole wheat style” on the front… which made me wonder. But then if you read the ingredient label, it only lists whole wheat flour… so I was sold. Can’t wait to try.

  30. I’ve never tried a fried pickle and I’d definitely be up for trying a baked one. What do you dip them in?

  31. These turned out awesome. Not greasy and perfectly yummy. Loved it. If you like fried this ie so much better!!!


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