Apple Chips

Sometimes I struggle with what to snack on that’s healthy and travels well. As a rule of thumb, I try and make snacks revolve around fruits and vegetables. I would say that as of late, an apple with low-fat cheese or baby carrots are my go-to snacks. I am one of those weirdos that really likes baby carrots.

But I find that most people prefer fruit to snack on as vegetables are more easily incorporated as a side or component of many meals. Since forever, I have loved apples. Regardless of the season, they’re affordable…and the varieties are endless. Who would ever expect variations of the same fruit could have such different flavors?

Apples are awesome.

And I hear dehydrators are awesome, too. But I don’t have one of those, and I would venture to guess that most people are in that same dehydrator-less boat. Though here’s some great news — your oven can double as a dehydrator. Yep, that’s right. Purty cool, huh?

For the moment my apple and low-fat cheese snack has taken a back seat to apple chips. Sure, they take awhile but there’s really no babysitting required. Just pop them in and take them out many hours later. Very simple, really. Give’em a go…you’ll love’em! Plus, unlike most dried fruit, you’re adding NO additional calories or sugar :-D


Question: What’s your favorite dried fruit?

Snack well!



  1. I really wish I could eat apples. Quite honestly, apples have been more difficult for me to give up than garlic, onion, or wheat. I used to eat apples all the time! And everyone keeps telling me apples make any juice taste amazing (when I make my own juice). It’s so sad. Please, feel bad for me. haha, jk. I think if I dried a fruit it would be banana or strawberry.
    And don’t worry, I like baby carrots too, but I LOVE them cooked!

  2. I love making apple chips! Sprinkle some cinnamon on top – delicious!

  3. I love apple chips! I make big batches of them on the weekends and munch on them throughout the week

  4. I LOVE dried apples, and can’t wait to try making them myself! I also really love dried mango.

  5. Yum!! My favorite dried fruit is mango.

  6. Jacob and I both love dried apples. A dash of cinnamon on these would be wonderful too! Totally wishing I had a dehydrator too.

  7. I love apple chips, but they are expensive to buy at our local grocery. I am excited to try making my own!

  8. So are they still a bit chewy then?? I love craisins – I could eat them by the bag full but have to limit them otherwise my blood sugar goes through the roof! :(

    Happy Friday!!

    • Yep, still a bit chewy…especially if you don’t cook them at the longer end of the cooking time.

  9. Hi Nicole, I’ve bookmarked this and come harvest time in the fall, I’ll be making them for SURE!!! I’ve dried tomatos in the oven, but haven’t tried fruit. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a FANTASTIC weekend.

  10. I love dried strawberries! I think the chew factor is what gets me. I could eat them by the bagfulls!

  11. I would have never guessed these would be so simple! Yum!
    I LOVE dried cherries! YUMM!

  12. Apple chips are the perfect snack and yours look great! I haven’t made them in years…I guess I forgot how good they are! Thanks for posting them, I think I’ll be making them soon! :)

  13. Can’t wait to try these . Love your pictures ! What’s your secret for such Cool Shots?

    • Thank you! Just practice, I guess! I’ve come a long way in the photography, but I really find it to be more and more so a passion of mine. :) A DSLR helps, too! Couldn’t do it without my Nikon!


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