Baked Dijon Salmon

Do you eat 2 servings of fatty fish a week? Most Americans don’t.

Here’s a fun resource for fish nutrition and mercury content, as well as recipes, and much, more more!

If you have someone in your life that’s on the fence about fish, this is a great recipe to bring them to the bright side. It’s adorned with enough “goodies” and flavors that the fish is perfectly showcased – there, but not the only thing staring back at them on the plate. Mr. Prevention even commented on how “pretty” this dish was…and who doesn’t want great-tasting and great-looking food?

Sight is a sense that shouldn’t never be discredited in cooking and presentation. You judge a dish with your eyes before your taste it, and many times, before you smell it. Garnishes, dressings, drizzles, and accompaniments should serve a purpose – to compliment a flavor, add a texture, create a colorful presentation, and in my eyes, increase nutrition.

Mustard, honey, lemon, and pecans all boast nutritional benefits. Plus they add texture, color, and compliment the flavors of the otherwise lonely salmon entree.

She doesn’t exactly have the best table manners…resting her begging, slobbery cheeks on my knees during dinner. She knows to beg from the softie who shares ;) Hey, they say fish skin is good for dog’s coats and she goes absolutely bonkers over the stuff….obviously.

I’m off to run! Friday afternoon workouts seem to get easily pushed aside to…never, so no excuses…morning it is! I keep hoping the morning workout bug will bite…no such luck as of yet. And it sure doesn’t help that it is PITCH black at 6am!

[Random] Questions: Do you like going to the zoo? Have you ever been wine tasting?



  1. Sounds super delicious. Although it’s adorned with many goodies, I doubt Nick would eat it. He refuses to eat salmon, even if it’s covered in chocolate and peanut butter.

    Lily is SO adorable!!! I can’t wait to meet her soon :)

    I’m not a fan of the zoo, but wine tasting? Yes please! In fact Nick and I might do the MD wine tasting tonight if I can talk him into it…

  2. My dad says presentation is half the battle when it comes to food. It’s totally true!

    I’m bookmarking this. Because if I can do salmon one day, this is how I will do it!

  3. Gorgeous! Just look at the beautiful topping and that dreamy whole grain mustard! Bookmarked immediately! :-)

    Ohhhhh! Such puppy cuteness!! :-)

  4. That first photo is gorgeous! I don’t even like salmon and it looks so appetizing :)

  5. I love love love salmon and I’m always look for new ways to cook it. This looks fabulous! :-)

  6. I am so going to make this…looks delicious AND easy too! My kind of recipe.

    I do like the zoo…haven’t been in years though. Columbus Zoo is one of the best in the country….Cleveland zoo is pretty decent too! Both are nice and clean, at least from what I remember. Clean is an important factor when choosing to visit a zoo, in my opinion! lol

  7. That salmon dish sounds good. Matt’s not a huge fan of salmon so I’m always looking for ways to prepare it so he likes it. And right now wild alaskan salmon is in season so it’s perfect timing.

    I LOVE the zoo. It’s so cool to go see all the animals there…I could spend a whole day at the zoo. The only thing I con’t like about it is all the kids running around. I feel like the zoo should be a child-free zone (although, being childless myself I believe this about pretty much anywhere that isn’t a school or playground)

    I also love wine tastings. Matt and I have hosted a few at our house but we like to make them competitions (as in, taste this wine and guess what type of grape it is). Now don’t go thinking that we’re all hoity-toity because none of our friends are actually wine drinkers so we end up wildly guessing at the grape varietals.

    Since we live in a wine region we do go to real wine tastings at the vineyards from time to time. I love it! I want to do a wine tour in Niagara sometime soon.

  8. I found this recipe a long time ago on It’s so good and still my favorite way to make salmon! Your pictures are beautiful, plates look restaurant-worthy! :)

    I do like the zoo and I also like wine tasti

  9. That looks deicious!! As for the zoo–not really. That whole “animal in captivity” thing kind of gets to me, especially since a lot of zoos don’t have adequate facilities for the animals. As for wine tastings–one of my favorite things in the world! That’s how I really got into wine. I have learned a ton and it allows you to try a bunch of wines without having to invest in the bottle if you are not sure. You learn what you do and don’t like, as well as the key words and explanations to look for to find a winner. Definitely go to a dedicated wine shop for them! They are so much fun to host at home too! :)

  10. I like going to the zoo!

  11. That is the best Lily picture yet. She is so flipping cute! :)

    I dont eat fish. I know I should, but I just dont like it. I’ve tried. It icks me out. I can do scallops and shrimp but that is as far as I go. I do take fish oil though, so thats something.

  12. This looks amazing! I am trying to slowly ease myself into seafood so I think I’m gonna give this a go.
    Lilly is just so darling! My cats are both little beggars too. It’s so hard to turn them down.
    I have gone to a wine tasting. It was so much fun! I would love to really learn more about wines. I just know if I like it or I don’ much for a sophisticated palate. ha.

  13. I know I don’t get my 2 servings a week – maybe 2 a month. I love salmon though and wish I’d remember to eat it more!

  14. Yum on the salmon…and i love seeing Lily pics. My fave kind of dog, dream dog. ha.

    Zoo is fun at times, but costly so I’ll go sparingly – like once every blue moon. On the other hand, wine tasting…..SIGN ME UP!!! Love wine tasting…nothing like it in Napa. They like to pour heavy there. ;-)

  15. HI Nicole. OMG…I laughed out loud at the photo of Lily!!! That is priceless!!!! Yum on the salmon! I haven’t been to a REAL zoo in years, but sometimes my office seems like one! :) Love wine tastings! Bring ‘em on anytime. (Geez, I sound like a bit of a boozer with that last line…) Happy Friday!!!!

  16. Yes! I love the zoo…. and wine tastings. The Whole Foods wine tasting is my favorite… only $5 and they give you so much wine :)

  17. Just saw the last comment. I’ll have to check out the WF wine tasting! :)

    The salmon dish sounds great. Hubby doesn’t like fish that tastes “fishy.” I bet he would love this!

  18. I love dijon sauces paired with salmon! Salmon’s my fav. in the seafood department. Last night, my friend and I made some with a pesto butter. I wish I could eat it a couple times a week!

  19. Still wished I liked salmon! Your dish looks divine – and I absolutely love the picture of Lilly! Our dog at least pretends not to look at us when we eat! :D

    Hope you are having a great weekend Nicole!

  20. Yum, this sounds super easy to throw together and very tasty. We just had salmon tonight!

  21. I love it!

  22. Looks Yummy!!

  23. We made this for dinner tonight after I found your recipe on Pinterest and I wanted to say a big thank you. This is HANDS DOWN the best salmon recipe we’ve ever tried. I told my husband we need to add it to our weekly rotation. Absolutely delicious. Thank you!

  24. Just wanted to say I’ve made this about 4 times, and it remains my favorite salmon recipe. So perfect, and “fancy” enough for a salmon splurge (for those with tight budgets like me!).


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