Beet Hummus

You probably thought my Chocolate Cherry Beet Muffins were over the top (you’re wrong, by the way). That’s okay, though. You won’t hurt my feelings. Just don’t TELL me you think I’m a lunatic and my world will continue spinning on its axis.

But this recipe…well, I almost couldn’t blame you if you think I’ve gone over the deep end. I mean…this hummus is MAGENTA. As in, magenta was my wedding color and dendrobium orchids look killer in this shade. Slathered on a pita chip or thinly sliced baguette…I was skeptical. I admit. Really, really skeptical. I even paused for just a moment to stare into the food processor with a thought of, “Oh now what have I done?”.

Then I thought to myself, “Woman, you just spent 30 minutes of your precious weekend peeling the skins off those chickpeas…you WILL like this hummus!”

Ends up, I didn’t need any coercing. One taste was all it took.

Sure, you may feel the need to blindfold anyone you try to share this with (I agree, the color can be off-putting for some…or all), but if you beg, plead, and stop your feet in an adamant, you’re WRONG fashion, you’re likely to turn up a few Beet Hummus lovers. In my case this was my father-in-law, backed into trying my Beet Hummus by my mother-in-law. My dear father-in-law left with leftover Beet Hummus in tow to enjoy back in Illinois.

Lesson learned: you just never know until you try. And P.S. the beet flavor is nearly undetected and the flavor is that of a very traditional garlic variety. Delish.

Question: Would you try my beet hummus?

Happy half-way to Friday!


  1. I would definitely taste it, but I woldn’t make it because I can’t really it it with all that garlic! Plus, Nick refuses to eat chickpeas or beets. I think it’s beautiful though. Will you have some at your house when I come over next Saturday?? BTW, let me know if I should bring something. Nick isn’t coming :(

  2. I think I would try it. One time, at a restaurant, there were pickled beets as part of an appetizer. I was the only one brave enough to try it.

    I didn’t like them much. And was a little nervous my teeth would be stained because of how bright they were. But hey- I’d be willing to give beets another go. :p

  3. You see, I think the color is the SELLING POINT! I love eating vibrantly colored food…and if this is anything…it’s vibrant.

  4. I’ve been wanting to do this all summer, and haven’t yet!! Beets make hummus SO pretty! This looks fabulous. Of course I’d try your beet hummus :)

  5. Isn’t the color crazy? You expect it to be super beet-y because it’s bright pink but the flavor is really mild. I love that you served it with crusty bread and I had never heard the tip about peeling the skins off–I’m gonna have to try that.

  6. That is beautiful hummus, I would totally try it!!
    My wedding flowers are magenta and we are also using some of those orchids – I’m so excited to see them!

  7. This is so colorful & creative!!

  8. I LOVE the color of this!!! Beautiful!

  9. I would definitely try it!

  10. Oh. My. Goodness. My jaw dropped when I saw the title of this post. I need to make this hummus. I have 2 beets in my fridge that I am not SO glad I didnt use. :)
    Also, I think the color is the best part. Who doesnt want to eat pink hummus?

  11. I’m actually really loving this bright color! So fun… And nutritious!
    Can I just admit that I’ve never made hummus from scratch. Horrible I know!! Maybe I should make this my first attempt. :)

  12. HI Nicole…omg, this has gone straight into the MUST TRY file!!! Thanks for such an amazing looking recipe.

  13. wow… skeptical, yes, but the ten dollar garage-sale-found food processor I just bought and the beets sitting in the bottom of my produce bin for three weeks now are both BEGGING me to try this out.


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