Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

There’s something very special about brushetta. The rich, garlic-infused olive oil soaked into the sun-ripened tomatoes and sweet, tangy basil. Humph. There’s nothing like it.

Outside of classic Italian flavors and ingredients, bruschetta is a near-household name when it comes to appetizers. The tomato-mozzarella-basil-garlic-oil combo can’t go wrong when mounded on a slice of crusty baguette.

Then someone far more brilliant than I came along and figured, “Why not top some char-grilled chicken with this Italian favorite!?” Brill-i-ant.

In terms of quick dinners, it doesn’t get much better than this. Chop, chop…mix. Grill up the chicken and…done. 20 minutes from start to finish, you can’t beat it. And not only that, but this dish is low in calories, high in protein, and contains some heart-healthy fats from the olive oil…plus vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the tomatoes, basil, and garlic.

As I was making dinner last night I treated myself to a beer. For no reason other than it sounded good and I had no intention of working out. Besides, cooking + a little booze = my ideal evening. As Mr. Prevention and I were finishing up dinner on the deck, I decided the evening was far too beautiful to waste inside. We walked Lily and then I decided to take a walk. By the time I had gotten to the end of the driveway, I was jogging. I figured I would jog some and walk some, but it was effortless, so I just kept jogging. It was by no means fast, but effortless runs are far more important to me than speed. With that said, I am yearning to finish a sub-30 5K one of these days. I have a perfect 5K route around my neighborhood and I think this fall it will be my goal to finish it in under 30 minutes…just to say I can ;)

Question: What would you like to see (more of) on Prevention RD? I aim to please! Leave your feedback as a comment, if you would be so kind!

Some ideas I’ve thought of include:

  • healthy snacks
  • a continuation of my Money Matters series on budget-friendly meals
  • low-carb/diabetic-friendly recipes
  • kid-friendly recipes
  • a low-calorie dessert series
  • a week of crock pot cooking (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • a week of vegetarian cooking
  • an around-the-world series of various ethnic dishes

And of course, there’s the upcoming chili contest! T-16 days until the first recipe! :-D I want to keep things fresh and enjoyable! And, well, I’m not very clever – so help me out ;)

Have a great day!


  1. This looks so colorful, healthy, and delicious. I have a ton of tomatoes growing in my garden so this will be great to help use them up. I’d like to see more vegetable side dishes (because I have a hard time with that) and recipes using tofu!

  2. Bruschetta never fails to remind me of summer, which probably explains why I adore it so much! Great idea to add it to protein instead of just throwing it on some bread!

    Yay for effortless runs! They are always a godsend.

  3. I love having wine/beer when cooking. It’s therapuetic.

    And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- you can totally do sub-30. I just know it!

  4. I love crockpot recipes so I would always vote to see more of those. Also what about big batch cooking. You might pick one ingredient for example make 3 pounds of chicken and then turn this into meals throughout the week. You could do different ingredients beans, beef, vegetables. Just a thought. Keep up the great work. Liz

  5. so I am guessing that when you do the sub-30 5K, you will be having a beer first then! haha JK…sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I do love, love, love the bread salad Gina has on her blog…very close to this recipe too…I need to give this a try. Got lots and lots of basil and tomatoes out there in my mini garden!

  6. This dish looks awesome!! Hmm…budget meals would be pretty cool!

  7. I am starting my last semester of school and Tuesday’s I am at school almost all day so crock pot meals would be perfect! I’d also like some budget and vegetarian meals.

    Apparently I want it all! lol :)

  8. This looks great! I need to make this before all my garden tomatoes are gone!

  9. This sounds SO good!! I love bruschetta, its probably the best thing ever. I cant believe I never thought to put it on chicken.

    Awesome job on the run, I LOVE when they’re easy like that.

    • It works so well! I would’ve never thought of it, either. Thank goodness for 1) smart people and 2) the internet which enables me to find the smart people and ideas :)

  10. I usually like wine when I’m preparing dinner (but only when it’s a recipe that takes a while to prepare). Sometimes you just need a beer though! Glad you enjoyed it! ps. good run!

  11. Molly Schoen says:

    I’d love to read about the low carb/diabetic friendly recipes! My Dad is a diabetic, so I’d love to come to him with some good tasting suggestions :)

  12. Sounds like the perfect evening!

    All your ideas sound great! I’d especially love to see a week of crockpot cooking!

    • Thanks, Andrea! I adore the crock pot, as well. I just got a new cookbook – SlowCooker Revolution — I can’t wait to plow through the pages to dog-ear a whole bunch of them :)

  13. That looks delicious Nicole! Love a quick night dinner.

    I too want to do a sub 30 5k – I am at 34:10, so I am getting faster – just need a flat route like in Oak Park – I had no idea how hilly my neighborhood was until I started to jog it!

  14. I like reading international recipes so I’d go with the “around the world”

  15. Just need some mozzarella and I’m set! Grabbed some freshly picked tomatoes from my moms house today. And I made those muffins…. Mmmmm yum! I plan to post about them soon.

    More money matters are always great for me. I’m livin on a budget!

  16. says:

    High protein vegetarian dishes!

  17. I’d be all over the vegetarian and ethnic dishes; also, vegetarian crock pot meals. Finally, more breakfasts that aren’t so carb heavy. I love all your breakfast breads and muffins, but I need more protein for my mornings. :o)

  18. Recipes that serve one or two would be great! Because I don’t always like trying to scale down recipes or eating the same meal for a week :)

  19. Grilled chicken bruschetta is one of my weekly favs. I like to crumble light feta and a tiny drizzle of balsamic reduction. mmm – worth the few extra calories.

    Love your recipes and your nutrition stats!

  20. I made this last night for dinner and it was fantastic! My Husband raved about it. Thanks for sharing!

  21. We loved this! Thanks for submitting it to the swap!


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