Fig Almond Torte

A few weeks ago I had some free time so I decided to bake.

I decided on this torte because I had some figs from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods that were looking to go bad rather quickly. Plus, I also really love figs. In the Midwest, where oceans are only an image of our imagination, figs can be hard to find. So when I run across them, I usually stock up, end up over-buying, and not-so-sadly have to revert to baking.

Through this torte-making experience I learned that a torte is more of a cake while a tart is more of a pie. If you just learned nothing new, you probably have way more skill than me when it comes to baking. For those of you who wince a bit at things involving copious amounts of flour, butter, and the not-so-forgiving yeast…that was for you.

Me, personally…I’ve always been convinced that combining staple baking ingredients like butter, sugar, egg, and flour…there’s just no going wrong taste-wise. Baking is just all about the aesthetics.

On that note…my torte turned out pretty well, I think! The figs sunk a bit so the final product wasn’t quite so show-stopping, but for me this is by and large a huge success. Besides, I’ve been looking for ways to use almond meal…and that random bottle of almond tequila I came back with after a dune buggy ride through the slums of Puerto Vallarta on my honeymoon. That story will have to come another day…

I’m excited to slip on my scrubs and head to the dialysis unit today. Teaching is exhausting and my feet hurt! I am learning that I walk and move a lot (and more than my mouth) when I teach. My feet are welcoming the gym shoes today!

Question: Have you ever had a fresh fig? Do you like them?



  1. This torte makes me wish that I had access to fresh figs! ;-)

  2. Figs are so pretty :-)

  3. this looks wonderful! I have yet to get my hands on the elusive fresh fig…I keep looking though…you were lucky to have come across some! :) TJ’s huh? Making a trip there this weekend…going to keep my eyes open for some!

  4. Delicious! I’ve tried a fresh fig and while I do like the taste of them, it did take me a few bites to get used to!

  5. I just had fresh figs for the first time a month ago – Tony made me the Sandwich King’s grilled cheese sandwich that had a fig balsamic reduction – holy shizz this sandwich was amazing! I will definitely bookmark this for Thanksgiving this year – I always like to do one different baked good besides the obvious pecan and pumpkin pie.

    Happy Friday!

  6. what a gorgeous torte!

  7. Wow this is such a pretty torte! I am so impressed with how delicious it looks. I love figs, I ate A LOT of them when I was in San Diego. I have yet to find any back here in Colorado though :-/

  8. Wow, this looks incredible.
    Figs are honestly at the top of my list for favorite fruit. We used to have a fig tree growing up. It was such a treat.

  9. I had my first fig last summer. They’re fantastic.
    This sounds delicious.

  10. wow that looks fantastic! That would be great to bring to a dinner party. I enjoy figs too :) vanilla tequila??? how does that taste? Do tell :)

  11. What a pretty torte! I look forward to fig season every year :)


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