Meatless Monday: Thai Peanut Noodles

I have failed when it comes to recreating the bold flavors of Thailand at home. After our trip to the stunning country in July, I had big plans for me and Thai food at home. I mean, I took a Thai cooking class in Thailand for crying out loud.

But after my most recent Pad Thai disaster, I’ve shied away from new Thai ventures. Just call me a big’ol weenie…but really, I just hate wasting food (and time and money).

But there’s something about the flavors of seasoned rice vinegar, soy sauce, and peanut butter that you just can’t mess up. Throw in a little chili garlic paste and garlic…what more could a girl wish for?

In this dish, I bulked up the veggies and baked the tofu to a crispy perfection. Adding tofu to a dish to just warm through isn’t my preferred tofu texture. I’m insistent that you try baking tofu before adding it to your “no thank you” list. I also made the mistake of using vermicelli noodles vs. wide rice noodles — the vermicelli clumped together and just aren’t as fun to eat. With that said, that’s the only thing I would change about this recipe…yum!

Weekends fly by rather quickly when they’re only one day :( And I can’t say I did much during that time other than enjoy another Illini win (5-0!!) and hold down the couch and/or bed. I’m afraid I’m coming down with a lovely head cold to ring in the cooler weather. It’s hard to breathe with a stuffy nose and sore, icky throat. I was sucking wind like crazy during my hockey game last night and Mr. Prevention says I’ve been snoring like crazy. Sorry!

Question: Do you like edamame?

Have a great week,


  1. I’m a sucker for pad thai. That peanut sauce draws me in every time. ;-) This is looks absolutely amazing! Yum!

  2. I love thai peanut sauce! Seriously whenever I make something like this I eat the remaining sauce by the spoonful! :-D

  3. This looks fantastic! Except for the tofu part :) haha, I would probably use tempeh instead, but that’s just me. I do love edamame. Who doesn’t?! Oh wait…Nick doesn’t.
    So, once again, OSU sucked, but I’m glad you got to see a win (even though deep down I’m not REALLY glad. Muahaha).

    Enjoy your week, Nicole!

  4. Beautiful!!! :) Looks tasty and I am a sucker for all things Thai.

  5. Anything with peanut sauce is always okay by me :-)

  6. The noodle dish sounds great! I love edamame.

    Sorry about your cold; hope you get over it quickly!

    Have a great week!

  7. Yum! This looks delicious! Yes, I agree trying a different style of noodle might work better. Come to think of it, my noodles were a bit sticky.
    Hope your cold gets better fast. Having to work while being sick is the absolute worst.

  8. I LOVE edamame. And I am super excited about this dish. I need to figure out when I can bake it.

  9. This looks amazing. I love Thai food, its so good. But I agree, its never the same when you make it at home. Pretty sure I could handle this one though. :)

  10. Head colds suck – I ran yesterday and my chest burned for the first five minutes – it actually kinda cleared me up, but this morning I am all stuffy again. :(

    That dish looks delicious! I do prefer wider noodles too because of the stick factor of vermacelli.

    Happy Monday!

  11. That looks delcious! I haven’t had much experience with eating Thai food and have never made any at home. I do enjoy edamame though!

  12. I took a Thai cooking class in Thailand, too! It was so much fun. Where did you take them? I took them at Baipai and wish it could have been longer.

    I really enjoy cooking Thai food and I am going to try your recipe next week.

  13. Pad Thai or Peanut sauce whatever is always a favorite of mine. yum yum yum!

  14. Peanut butter noodles has to be one of my most favoritest dishes ;) I like to use soba noodles with it. Definitely like edammame too. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  15. I love anything peanut sauce! I’m hoping to slowly convert my hubby to loving it too. Hope you start feeling better!


  16. My co-worker suggested baking tofu as well. Maybe if I do that my husband will be willing to give it a try, especially with a peanut sauce.

  17. Yes, I LOVE edamame. I went out to a sushi restaurant this past weekend, and was pleasantly suprised by the fact that my edamame appetizer did not have salt on it! Usually, I am disapointed by the amount of salt usually found on the pod at restaurants! Thanks for the recipe – and FEEL BETTER SOON!

  18. This looks awesome and you reminded me to try to incorporate more meatless meals in my dinner planning… like this one!

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