Sweet Cinnamon Crock Pot Applesauce + Weekly Menu

When I think of fall and produce, my mind fills with varieties of apples and squash. I made a crock pot applesauce last year that made me swear store-bought would just never fly again. And today, I still feel that way.

The much-loved crock pot is the perfect means by which to slow cook apples to a sticky, sweet perfection, and fill your home with aromatic apple…and cinnamon.

Before the season’s best apples are gone, and while they’re still readily available for under $1 a pound (and tasting great), be sure to try a homemade applesauce recipe. I all but insist. And really, I insist just a little…

What I loved about this particular recipe was the fact that it was good enough to double as dessert. I would even go as far as to suggest this as a healthy dessert option at the quickly approaching Thanksgiving Day meal.

I liked this applesauce best when served warm (with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream would be great!) or cold, straight from the fridge. The long cooking time and brown sugar make for a rich, almost syrupy and sweet applesauce. So…flipping…good.

You can make this applesauce as chunky or smooth as you’d like. I prefer a fairly well-mashed applesauce with just a few small chunks, personally. It has that homemade-texture with the smooth-ish texture of applesauce that is sure to be loved by kids, guests, and everyone in between!

Weekly Menu: November 13th – 17th

I worked 6 days this past week and only have today to recover. I am going to be very productive with a good balance of fun (read: baked doughnuts!) and work (grading & lesson planning)…plus hockey tonight :-D

Happy weekend!


  1. I have been meaning to make apple sauce in the crock pot for a while now! Your recipe sounds perfect!

    Have a great Sunday, and don’t forget to mix in enough fun with the work! :)

  2. I love love love homemade applesauce! I didn’t make it this year – we made it the year we went apple picking. It is great when you mix the varieties of apples.

    Sounds like a great recipe!

  3. This looks amazing! I am loving that you can put it right in the crock pot! So simple!
    I hope you enjoy the soup. It was soo good!! :)

  4. Everything looks so delicious, especially when we get to use a slow cooker. I plan on making my stuffing in the slow cooker for Thanksgiving Dinner. BTW, I noticed your apple walnut salad. Very similar to one I just made a couple of days ago. Check it out if you get a chance. I hope Ohio is not too cold these days. :)

  5. I love making homemade applesauce. With apples actually being the cheapest fruit in the grocery store right now this might be a great homemade treat for everyone (including baby). I will let you know how it goes.

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