Easy Microwave Popcorn

With the booming popularity of Pinterest I find myself, more than ever, questioning, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Some ideas are so clever it leaves me in awe.

Brown paper lunch sac + popcorn kernels = air popped popcorn…with no dishes. Or oil.

This idea…it’s ingenious. But I wouldn’t have ever come up with it because I’d have considered a fire a more likely result than perfectly popped popcorn.

Alas, I was wrong.

SEVERAL month (years?) ago, I bought a bag of popcorn kernels with every intention of making stove-top popcorn. (In case you’ve been living under a rock, microwave popcorn has become another food under question).

And that stove-top popcorn…it never happened.

First, there’s the issue of dishes. Who would want to clean a big’ol pot when you can throw out a paper lunch sac?

Then there’s there’s the oil in the bottom of that big’ol pot, and I don’t know about you, but I just don’t need or want those added calories.

With my always in-progress weight loss efforts, healthy snacks can quickly becoming boring, tedious, or just not good.

This popcorn can be be made just about anywhere with a microwave, including work. This is a cheaper and healthier option when compared to microwave popcorn and is pretty much fool-proof. Feel free to add seasonings to taste – stevia & cinnamon, garlic salt, seasoning salt…whatever is your pleasure!

I’m having brunch with my business partners and then shopping for new running shoes!

Be well,


  1. I would never have thought this could be done, especially when you’re a veteran microwave popcorn BURNER such as myself. Crazy awesome.

    Have fun buying running shoes! It’s one of my favorite activities. I have the Brooks Adrenaline and LOVE them.

  2. SERIOUSLY!?!?! Who knew?! I am trying this tonight!!

  3. Layla Bowen says:

    I have heard of doing this but have always been afraid to try it. Thanks for testing it out for me! I love nutritional yeast on popcorn…gives it an almost cheesy flavor and some vitamins too!

  4. sometimes it’s the simplest stuff that makes your day. What a great idea!

  5. I’ve always heard that you should be careful doing this because the bag can catch on fire! I actually have a cheapo air popper (it was like $20) and use it all the time!

  6. Ive seen and pinned this one too Nicole…but never got around to making it. I will now for sure now that I know it really does work. Like you…I was sort of doubtful. I loved how the one I pinned made premade bags ready to pop into the microwave. Ultimate convenience. I’m going to pin your version too…because, as always, your pictures are spectacular!

  7. Homemade popcorn is the best. I love making it stovetop but never even thought it was possible in the microwave! I guess I’d always thought that the paperbag would set on fire or something…but I was wrong! Thanks for posting the recipe, Nicole! Pinterest is a goldmine! :-D

  8. I actually have an ancient air popper that we use all the time and I’ve always said I couldn’t live without. Now I know I can :D Love Pinterest for ideas like this too!

  9. I have an air popper that I got from Kohls for $10 a few years ago. I absolutely love it because I never have burnt popcorn anymore! I don’t even need the microwave anymore bc of it

  10. I used to do this all the time before I got an air popper. My kids like to add their own seasonings like cinnamon and sugar. I love not having the butter, oil, or chemicals!

  11. Fool proof. Not full-proof.

  12. How silly I never thought about this. I buy bagged popcorn because it’s cheaper and a healthy snack for the kids and of course we enjoy it on our Family Fun Nights. I usually make it on the stove with a tad bit of oil but this way is so much healthier.


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