Meatless Monday: Cream of Mushroom Soup


With my new schedule (for this quarter only, sadly!), I get a random Tuesday off every few weeks. Let me tell you, as someone who often times leaves the house well before the sun rises with breakfast, lunch, and dinner packed and in tow, being home at the noon hour is as close to luxury a girl can get on any old random Tuesday.

It goes without saying that I took advantage.


I made soup. Cream of Mushroom Soup with rich cremini mushrooms. I will happily eat soup for lunch or dinner, but it I would consider it on the lighter side and more appealing to many people for a mid-day meal.

This particular mid-day meal selection is one I know I couldn’t convince my better half to try. He’s not a huge fan of creamy soups (what a lunatic, I know) or mushrooms. And luckily, this soup made 3 perfect, lunch-sized portions so there wasn’t tons of leftovers (though this recipe could easily be doubled or tripled).

creamofmushroomsoup3 Unlike the canned condensed cream of suchandsuch soup you can find at the grocery store, this soup is silky and rich. The flavors run deep with the addition of onion, butter, garlic, rosemary, thyme, and of course, white wine.

I did bulk up the mushrooms some, because, well, that’s the best part of cream of mushroom soup. You’ll think you’re eating a soup made with cream with its thick and velvety smooth texture…but rest assured, the 2% milk gets the job done well.

You won’t ever settle for a canned version after this.


Back to the grind…have a great week!

Be well,


  1. I love making my own cream of mushroom – but I love that you used crimini even more!

  2. Delicious. I can smell the Mushroom Soup ;)

  3. Oh yum, this looks perfect for a cozy night in! I must try it out. Looks delicious :)

  4. He likes take-out but not creamy soups?? Your husband is a mystery to me.

    I wish I had random Tuesdays off…maybe I’ll just start taking them off. My boss will never have to know.

  5. This looks incredibly delicious! I am going to have to make a vegan version of it soon!!

  6. It’s true- the canned “cream of” stuff doesn’t even compare… I don’t even buy it anymore because I always end up disappointed…

  7. That looks completely amazing. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Mmmm…creamy soups and mushrooms happen to be two of my favorite things!! Homemade cream of mushroom soup blows the canned version out of the water!

  9. soup looks wonderful

  10. Cream of mushroom soup is the best! I love cremini mushrooms! :-)

  11. Oh Nicole, what a keeper of a recipe. My husband’s favorite soup is cream of mushroom….I’ve bookmarked this and soon I’ll surprise him with it. Have a great week!!!!

  12. I am not a huge fan of mushrooms either – but my hubs would be all over this. Although he never thinks soup is a meal!

    Happy Monday Nicole!

  13. I can’t decide how I feel about mushrooms. I’ve gone my entire life hating them, but then I had some last year that I actually liked, and yesterday I had spring rolls that were loaded with mushrooms and they were amazing. It’s so confusing.

  14. I literally gasped when I saw this in my reader! I actually made a cream of mushroom soup on the weekend but ate it all before I took pictures so I’m making it again tomorrow – mostly because I want it again, but partly because I need to take pictures :D I grew up on canned soups, but you are so right, you will never go back once you’ve had a homemade soup like this. So yummy! Yours looks so delicious, I love the herbs!

  15. Mushrooms are one my most favorite ingredients…….I can find a reason to put them in nearly everything I make! This soup looks delish……I mean *seriously* good! I’ll have to make a date with this soup on the next chilly night that comes along!

  16. So glad you enjoyed the soup, Nicole! It’s one of my favorites and I haven’t made it yet this winter…thanks for the inspiration! :)

  17. I love mushrooms, and I love creamy soups! This looks perfect!

    I leave most mornings before 7, and I know how nice it is to have a random day off once in a while… :)

  18. Mmmmm…. Mushroom soup….

  19. I love cream of mushroom soup but I’ve never actually made it before (which is weird given that I make soup on the regular).
    As a kid I used to think that people couldn’t make cream of mushroom soup from scratch. It had to come from a can. LOL


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