Meyer Lemon Gelato + Weekly Menu

meyerlemongelato2 Meyer lemons are still on sale for $1.50/lb at my Kroger. The Kroger I have to pass to get to my house. Several times a day. I currently have 2 lbs in queue…waiting for the mood to strike me to whip up something fabulous and sweet.

Maybe at some point I’ll find a healthier recipe, but today’s not that day.


I blame Chef Dennis. The man has great taste in food, and the dessert recipes he posts are seriously over the top. And since I have zero baking ability, dessert recipes that require no baking are made for me.

Besides, gelato holds a special place in my heart. Gelato takes me back to the summer of 2008 when I lived in Italy with Mr. Prevention. We frequented the gelaterias and all of their flavors, many of which were citrus and fresh fruit.

meyerlemongelato1 By definition, gelato is lower in fat and contains less air than ice cream making it creamy and rich. Less air, and less fat. Healthy, right? ;)

Okay, maybe not quite. But I happened to have heavy whipping cream, Meyer lemons, and a craving for a sweet, cold dessert. Clearly, there was no decision to be made. Meyer Lemon Gelato it was!


Weekly Menu: February 26th – March 1st

I am heading to Cincinnati tonight to hangout with my college friend, Mary! We’re going to a formal attire wine and cheese party tonight – I’m excited! :-D

Be well,


  1. I’m so glad you tried the meyer lemon gelato, it really has a wonderful flavor and consistency. thanks so much for the mention!

  2. Oh FUN!! I love cincinnati, and ironically I had a dream that I was at Miami last night (Oxford, Ohio, really close to Cinci). Have fun at the party!

    As for the gelato, it sounds wonderful. I’ll have to bookmark this for this summer when I start making ice cream again. I may add some chunks of something into it though, like graham crackers (is that weird?). I have to have something chunky in all my creations!!

  3. And…I am now officially ordering more meyer lemons to be deliver with my online grocery shopping order. You are quite the meyer lemon temptress, my love.

  4. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the lentil tacos – I loved them!

  5. Wow, this looks delicious. May have to make a meyer lemon pitstop…

    Hope you enjoy the crockpot SP&O…big hit here! :)

  6. Great looking recipe Nicole. Enjoy your time in Cincinatti….oooh….and enjoy the fancy dress event. How fun. It’s Oscar weekend so I should say “who are you wearing??” :) Have a great weekend.

  7. Have fun Nicole!

  8. I love gelato! I love lemons! So this sounds amazing! I keep seeing Meyer lemon recipes, but sadly our commissary does not carry these, although there is a lemon of sorts native to Japan that I need to give a try.

  9. I love tangy sorbets and gelatos and this sounds perfect! Now I just need to pick up some Meyer lemons… :)

  10. I’ve been in Cinci for the weekend too! Have fun tonight, girls, and sorry about your Illini the other night ;)

  11. Now this looks delicious! One of these days I’ll have to invest in an ice cream maker. There are just too many ice cream/gelato recipes that I *need* to try floating around Blog World and this is one! :-)
    Looking forward to seeing the other lemon recipes you’ll post!

  12. This gelato looks outstanding!! So fresh! I used to eat gelato seriously every day when I studied abroad in Italy. I haven’t had it much since being home. I miss it.
    I hope you enjoy the lentil tacos. One of the readers added mushrooms and said it was a great addition. :)

  13. I’ve never been to Italy, but one of my husband’s co-workers does have a meyer lemon tree, so we always have some on hand…I could certainly pretend I’m in Italy with this!

  14. I’ve never had a Meyer lemon. But, this gelato looks so delicious and refreshing, I think it’s about time I do. :D


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