Overnight Blueberry French Toast


Happy Valentine’s Day! Somehow, someway, today snuck up on me.

At my “EB Mine” Brunch, I served the savory Goat Cheese, Spinach, and Tomato Quiche with this sweet Overnight Blueberry French Toast. It’s hard to believe, but this french toast bake used a dozen eggs giving it more staying power and balance than your traditional carbohydrate-rich breakfast options.

But really, the cream cheese helped pique my interest in trying this particular recipe. ;)


The cream cheese…and the fact that this can be made ahead of time and baked in the morning, making it perfect for guests…or leftovers for the week!

I think the next time I make this, I will try an apple-cinnamon rendition…yum!

overnightblueberryfrenchtoast3 With the plentiful amounts of eggs and milk, the bread soaked up all the liquids and baked to a soft, french toast consistency without the hassle of soaking individual slices of bread and cooking the slices one by one. And yes, the cream cheese added a little something special. ;)

To make this an extra special meal, I served champagne and fresh blood orange slices.



I am actually off today (wee!) which will be spent grading research papers and assignments, as well as working out. Luckily, I had this amazing brunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mr. Prevention because tonight…I’m teaching. For the past 2 years I’ve had to teach Valentine’s Day evening and play hockey games during the Super Bowl…what’s up with that!? Oh well...

Don’t forget to enter the “EB Mine” Giveaway from Eggland’s Best…it ends tonight!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. This looks so good – I love your addition of cream cheese and blueberries! I’ve always wanted to try making a oven-baked french toast casserole! :-)

  2. This would be a perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast because you make it the night before and then voila, no one has to get up early to serve breakfast in bed!

  3. This looks wonderful and so easy! I love stuffed french toast with blueberries so this is definitely going on the “Must Make” list!

  4. This looks incredible! I have yet to make an overnight French toast, but have always wanted to. This recipe looks like the perfect place to start :). Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. You are teaching and I am in class tonight!

    I have made overnight french toast once before and loved it – this almost looks like a bread pudding. I love cream cheese too!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  6. I just made a similar recipe from Elle Krieger a few weeks ago! IT was fantastico!

  7. That sounds really decadent!
    You’re right, it would be an awesome make-ahead breakfast for guests.

  8. That looks delicious!!

  9. I could definitely wake up to this ;).

  10. Love the photos– and hey, I’ll be teaching tonight too :-) Romantic, right?

  11. Drool inducing. I am going to make this for my mom on her b’day !

  12. Wow, I had no idea bread pudding could be that simple – there’s so few ingredients! And it looks amazing. I need to try this! I love the blueberries but an apple cinnamon combo sounds great too. Happy Valentines Day!

  13. This looks incredible! I love French toast/bread pudding/anything of the sort. Yum!

  14. This looks divine!
    I am loving your breakfast ideas! I will have to remember this one. Looks fabulous!
    Hope you enjoy your day off and have a great Valentine’s Day!

  15. Overnight means easy breakfast…. Love it!!!! I have all ingredients on hand but will probably use marionberries instead of blueberries so the hubs eats it too. Looks soooo good Nicole. Enjoy your day off :)

  16. Yum! Sounds amazing with the cream cheese :)

  17. I made a very similar version to this one with strawberries last year that was a hit! Yummmy!

  18. I always think of French toast as super high calorie and time consuming. This recipe proves me wrong!

  19. This sounds amazing!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Nicole. Sounds like we both have pretty romantic plans. I’ve got a class and you’re teaching. So much fun eh? :)

  20. A hot breakfast that I can make the night before to pop in the oven in the morning is wonderful!

  21. My mom makes a baked french toast that is really good, but I really like this variation with blueberries and cream cheese. Also love the photos, feels like I could just sit right down at the table with you!


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