Skinny Hot Cocoa


I guess it’s fair to say that Ohio is finally looking like, and feeling like, winter. Which makes this recipe all too timely to share.

One of the biggest reasons I love working in dialysis is that I get to know my patients really well. Especially now that I have more time with less patients, I will get to know them all the better…and all the more quickly.

hotcocoa1 Yesterday afternoon, one of my dialysis patients, in all of her toothless glory, was watching the weather channel and repeating, “Oh here it comes…here it comes” during her treatment. I stopped to converse with her, over the weather (I mean, what 65+ little old lady doesn’t love to talk about the weather?).

By the time I was leaving for the day, she was seated in the lobby, waiting for her ride. I spotted the flakes rapid falling and gave tribute to the weather channel for an accurate weather prediction.

hotcocoa4 She smiled and then proceeded to scold me for not wearing a coat and let me know of her plans to not leave her apartment all weekend long. Gotta love’em.

So with about 2 inches of snowy white covering my neck of the woods I have some plans to, like my patient, honker down for the day with a cup of this cocoa. And if you’re at all curious as to what the heck those goofy-looking floating things are in my Skinny Hot Cocoa…well, you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out. And trust me, you want to find out.



And for the winners of the Love Your Heart Giveaway…

Thank you to all who participated. More giveaways this week hosted by another Love Your Heart blogger! Be sure to check back for details.

I am making Mr. Prevention a brunch this morning. Then, it’s a workout, hitting the ice rink to practice skating on my new, spiffy skates, and dinner over at a friend’s home tonight. Fun weekend :)

Be well,


  1. lol. Ok, note to self, do NOT discuss the weather with a young person when I am in my seventies or sixties. I’m going to be different than the “norm” :)

    So you added sea salt to this? Brilliant! That combination of sweet and savory is right up my alley (and most alleys….). And those coconut mallows might give Nick the urge to get on his knees and propose to you. Watch out. I’ll have to check out the recipe tomorrow!

  2. I miss the snow so much. I never know when to break out the hot chocolate ’round these parts. Back East it was so easy to know when to switch from cider to cocoa.

  3. love this! thank you :) stevia is my best friend!

  4. I love making my hot cocoa with almond milk – give it a shot for a nice change of pace!

  5. Awww, I love the story of your patient! :-) I never thought I’d be excited for snow in February, but it’s been such an odd winter for our first winter here in Dayton! I was so psyched to see the snow last night! :-) The hot cocoa looks divine… and I can’t wait for the marshmallow recipe!!! :-)

  6. This hot cocoa sounds fabulous. I never used powdered mixes because the ingredients freak me out, but this sounds like a nice easy alternative! Thanks, Nicole!

  7. Yummy :) I love making simple hot chocolate like this. I’m so glad I don’t even want the processed stuff in a can! I have to be honest though, I can’t wait to see more about those marshmallows :D
    Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway! I’m so excited :D

  8. I live in Phoenix now, but all of my family in Ohio has been saying the same thing…winter is finally here! I hope you stay warm and safe this weekend. This hot chocolate looks fantastic! :)

  9. So funny that is the kind of weather you are having.
    In Vegas, it was the first day in a while where you didn’t have to wear a jacket. I soaked it up. I wish we had this weather year round. Pretty soon it will be 110 degree weather!

  10. I love this skinny version of hot cocoa! The marshmallow with coconut are a MARVELOUS bonus!

  11. So glad you liked the cocoa, Nicole! I bet it was amazing with your toasted coconut marshmallows on top!

    It’s funny, I’m a 1 Stevia girl! :)

  12. Ok, can I come over and have some hot cocoa AND get food-photography tips? Love your pics.


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