Crispy Herbed Shrimp with Chive Aioli and Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes

herbedshrimpasparagus5 You know you’re old(er) when…time flies by way, way too fast.

As a kid, it’s always seems as though Christmas was 364 days away, as was my birthday…that is in July. Well, that was the story of my childhood, anyways…always anxious, always impatient.

As for today, I’m having trouble sleeping because I’m not sure when the laundry is going to get done, or heck…when my house will get cleaned for the parental unit + brother that arrive a week from tomorrow. I apologize in advance, mom…it won’t be up to yours — or dad’s — standards, but there will be clean sheets, clean towels, and an abundance of homemade food. How I see it is this: after you were subjected stepping foot into any college dorm, sorority house, or better-off-demolished campus apartment, this little life of mine has got to be one (little-ish) step up. Or at least let’s pretend, okay?

herbedshrimpasparagus3 Because instead of cleaning I like to do things like sit out on the deck with a cold adult beverage and one of my regularly delivered cooking magazines, after catching some rays and sweating out some stress as I hit the pavement after work. In short, I have been thoroughly enjoying every waking moment of this July-in-March Ohio weather. Another thing on the to-do list that trumps cleaning: getting my car’s A/C recharged. Last night was a sweaty trip home, to say the least…

Until we fired up the grill for the season, I had about a million five Cooking Light recipes I was dying to try. With the spring asparagus in full force, I was more than happy to see this recipe accompanied by these Panko-battered shrimp.

And let’s not forget the chive aioli. Mmmmmm.

herbedshrimpasparagus1 When a girl is busy and has important things to do (or just stress about and pretend it’s no biggie to push them aside yet another day…), a weekend-quality dinner can come on a Tuesday…just because.

At least I can pat myself on the back over dinner being an accomplishment — this was filling, protein-powered, and on the lower-carb side of things. To make this an outdoor meal, consider using a cast iron skillet on the grill (I am beating myself up over not coming up with that idea ahead of time). As for the asparagus, there isn’t a more grill-worthy vegetable (yum!).

herbedshrimpasparagus2 My only major change to this recipe was the portion. There was no way a pound of asparagus would feed 4 in this house – we love the stuff far too much to spread it that thin. And when it comes to shrimp, Mr. Prevention tends to hoard them (ironically, I accidentally served him a plate of Shrimp Pad Thai on Sunday night that had ZERO shrimp…I sure got an earful of whining after that oversight!).

So, Cooking Light said this was a 4-portion meal…I made it a 3-portion meal. And heck, it still comes in at 450 calories per serving…450 delicious and nutritious calories, that is!


 It’s my Friday…yayyayayayaya! :-D

 Be well,


  1. I’m constantly trying to convince my mother that my apartment actually IS clean…compared to my college dorm room. :P It’s a losing battle.

    I’m always a bit skeptical of Cooking LIght’s serving sizes…sometimes I think they add an extra serving to make the calories ridiculously low. But I have no desire to eat a 200 calorie dinner! Just eliminate a serving and make it 350! We’ll all survive. :P Nevertheless…this looks so tasty! I want that aioli in my life.

  2. That’s nice that your parents and brother are coming to visit. Is it just me or does it seem like when you move away from home you spend more time travelling to visit your hometown than other people spend coming to visit you? That was true for me when I lived in Toronto and it’s true for my sister Vicki in Geneva. Making a road trip every weekend can get really annoying.

  3. I have had SO much asparagus in the last week or two. It’s like I’m shoving it in as much as possible before the price of it goes back up…

    My pee will never be the same.

    Sorry I have no class.

  4. This looks delicious . The colors in this dish are amazing! I love fried shrimp, but these look just as good and for far fewer calories. Oh, and then you dip them in aioli? Yum!

  5. Eh, clean houses are overrated :-) This looks like the perfect spring (or summer!) meal!

  6. Ha, too true. I recently told the hubs, “If time is flying by this fast now, just imagine how quickly it will pass when we’re 90 years old!”

  7. Just delicious!
    Time does fly!! There are times when it’s a good thing (my classes are going pretty quickly) and then when it’s not so great (I am already 28!!)

  8. Yummy!! Enjoy your “Friday!”

  9. Your photo of the messy page from Cooking Light is exactly like every night I cook in my house :) This one looks awesome. Most of my recipes are from Cooking Light! Love them!

  10. Everything about this recipe looks and sounds amazing. This is going on my menu very soon.

  11. Love how crunchy these little shrimpies look! I’m so jealous of your warm weather. I woke up to snow this morning!

  12. Your gorgeous photos ALMOST make me want to eat shrimp :-) A shrimp lover, I am not, but I bet this would be great with scallops or chicken too. Love the asparagus and tomatoes. With asparagus in season, it is on our weekly menu rotation. I usually roast it in the oven, but the frill works great too. BTW-I am reading this while I’m in the middle of doing 5 loads of laundry since I have procrastinated far too long :-)

  13. You had me at crispy shrimp! Love it. While I am loving thiS 80 degree weather, I miss the 50′s and 60′s of spring!

  14. Your recipe is a very good reward after doing all the chores and a warm visit from your parents and brother; Tasty and delicious shrimps. =)

  15. Your presentation is beautiful and the dish sounds delightful.

  16. GIRL. This looks and sounds amazing!!! I can’t wait to try it!

  17. This weather is so awesome I probably won’t feel like cleaning again until October!
    This recipe looks delicious, I’m pinning it to try later :)

  18. I am for real drooling over this shrimp! YUM!

    I am totally with you on the time flying thing. I looked at the calendar and it said March 23rd and I thought for sure it was some sort of sick joke orchestrated by a time bending leprechaun. Surely it is still just January!?

  19. You just reminded me I need to do a full overhaul of our place before my inlaws get her next week.

  20. As soon as I got this issue of Cooking Light, this was the first recipe I made- it was FABULOUS! If a little messy to create….

  21. Used the coating on both shrimp and tilapia chunks for dinner last night and it was like the best seaside vacation fried seafood platter without the icky feeling afterwards! Did have to make dill aioli instead since I totally forgot to buy the chives, but still the perfect creamy sauce with the crispy seafood.

  22. We really liked this, but I am horrible at breading stuff! My breadcrumbs always end up sticking together instead of to the shrimp/chicken. Glad I didn’t try to make this on a weeknight after a workout, better for a night I can take my time :)

  23. I made this last week and we loved it, too! Thanks :-D


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