Cherry-Almond Focaccia


Opening my mailbox to find one of my cooking magazines can really make a food blogger’s week. Bon Appetit has been knocking out of the park and if I’m being completely honest, their dessert recipes always reel me in. Some of their entree dishes have me running in fear of new ingredients or new cooking methods, but the desserts…they’re always worth the effort, aren’t they? ;)

Kind of like how I chose making this dough versus cleaning prior to my parent’s arrival last weekend . I will tackle the challenge of yeast before I attempt to remove every crumb of dog food from my kitchen floor.

(Make note, bulldogs are messy, messy eaters. I consider this good preparation for children.)


As the recipe gave me the option of doing, I made this dough a day in advance and stored it in the fridge overnight. I took it out several hours before beginning and allowed it to rise.

Is waiting for dough to rise not like waiting for a pot of water to boil? Not only does it take for-ev-er, but I’m never quite sure what “doubled” really looks like. Sometimes doubled looks like an increase of some sort…other times is looks more like quadrupled the volume. Who knows.


My yeast-novice and fearing self followed the directions verbatim and ended up with what I would consider a dessert focaccia masterpiece. Maybe it’s the carbs…maybe it’s the cherries, but either way…this recipe is a winner.

While this recipe emits hopes and dreams of warmer, sunny weather, the use of canned cherries make this dessert an option any time of year. Though I must say, fresh cherries have got to take this to a whole other level.

Summer’s bing cherries…they’re comin’.


My family couldn’t keep their hands out of this dessert. And the smells…oh, the smells!

I’m fairly certain my dad was picking at the leftovers the morning after as I was flipping pancakes. Not to throw him under the bus or anything…his wandering fingers are a sign of flattery and good taste in food. A girl can’t blame the man for such antics.

If I can tackle yeast and Bon Appetit desserts, perhaps I should fear not the entree selections. Perhaps…


Today is a busy day…but more on that at a later date! :-D But believe you me, big news is a’comin!

Be well,


  1. I saw this and had contemplated it. I’m glad you liked it, it looks great! Will have to go on the must make list!

  2. Looks delicious! I can’t wait for fresh cherries! I think I would have to top this with some vanilla ice cream ;)

  3. I never though of making a sweet foccachia before! Can’t wait to hear about your big news! :D

  4. I’m loving the new Bon Apetit since they revamped it

  5. This focaccia looks amazing – such great toppings! I definitely understand what you mean about waiting for dough to rise. I’m baking bread today and can’t figure out whether my dough has risen enough to count as doubled…

  6. Big news, ehh?! IS it news that Gina already knows?! haha, talking in third person, so fun.
    This recipe would have been perfect for our brunch today, it sounds wonderful!!! I love cherries and almonds, it’s a great combo. My tough job was to make a gluten free dessert because my aunt, uncle and cousin eat gluten free. I chose lemon bars. We’ll see how they taste…

  7. I’ve barely had time to flip through my BA issues lately and this post is really making me feel bad about it. I’m sure there are majorly delicious recipes within their pages that I’m missing out on! I would have totally gone back for seconds of this. maybe thirds. And definitely breakfast the next morning.

  8. Oh gosh, that looks deadly. :)

  9. That is sooo pretty!


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