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lillilGood morning!

I slept until 9am — I am feeling like a new woman!

I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing back the RD Q&A series I used to run. And I’ve decided, yes!

The concept: you ask questions (via Facebook, Twitter, blog comment, or email), nutrition-related or dietitian-related, and I provide my feedback or opinion. I know most people have some question about nutrition, trends, the field, etc., so this is a way of not only having your question answered, but having it shared online to help others. There is no such thing as a bad question (even goofy questions!)  and if you’re wondering about something…someone else probably is, too.

So, anytime…get in touch and if you can remember please let me know if it’s a question to be a part of a Q&A, or just a question. If the question is a health question specific to you, that can be shared on the blog with anonymity.

I won’t keep a specific schedule with the Q&A posts, but I will post when there are several questions lined up! Thanks in advance for your questions!


Weekly Menu: April 21st – April 26th

I made Baked Buttermilk Doughnuts for breakfast and just finished off a French press of coffee on my own…now that’s one way to start a Saturday!

Be well,



  1. Morgan says

    Yay, the Q&A is back! I don’t know if you are as familiar with infant nutrition but I have a question about my 5 mo. old baby. It was recently suggested to me to give my baby probiotics. I don’t know much about them or if they are even safe for her. What are your thoughts?

  2. Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum says

    Nicole I spent about 15 minutes just perusing your recipe index yesterday… So much good stuff here! ;). Hope you like the pasta!

    • Nicole, RD says

      Kierstan, I have a great RD friend who is a vegan and would be a great resource for endurance sports. Can you email me a few questions, I’ll send them to her, and it can be a little Q&A on the blog? If not, that’s okay too…I can get you her info.

  3. Rose says

    Besides eggs, do you have any suggestions on what might be good breakfast foods if I want to cut my sugar and carb intake? I feel like oatmeal and cereal which were my two staples are loaded with sugar and carbs.

  4. says

    Woo hoo, Q&A’s! Love these….

    My question would be about calorie counting. When trying to lose weight I know it’s good suggestion to count calories so you can see how much you’re actually taking in and how many you are burning. What formula would you recommend would be the best to use to estimate what your calorie intake should be? Also, do you recommend eating back (in a healthy way of course) most of your exercise calories?

  5. says

    Nicole…I would LOVE for you to do a post on the benefits of Coconut oil. I see it popping up and have actually begun using it myself…but I would love to know if it REALLY is a good fat choice and why. I also have begun using rice bran oil…and love that as well, and some insight on the health benefits of this oil would also be great!


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