Meatless Monday: Grilled Crepes with Mozzarella and Shaved Asparagus


Yesterday, Mr. Prevention wanted to go see The Avengers. I kind of blew him off all day because I really have no interest in seeing the movie, despite the great reviews. Yesterday, all I wanted to do was catch-up with grading and photo editing, and relax around the house. It’s been months since there was a day free of absolutely everything, and I wanted to take full advantage.

At 2pm yesterday, we were laying in bed with a cool breeze coming through the window just talking and laughing. When life gives me the opportunity to slow down, relax, and enjoy…I try to. Yesterday was one of those days. And now it’s Monday morning and really, really early…ugh.


Before anyone feels too bad for Mr. Prevention not getting to see the movie, he blows me off a lot when it comes to dinner. When these crepes were on the menu I was asked to, “Have those one night this week when I’m out of town.”

If this didn’t benefit me in every way, I’d have been offended! He seriously missed out. These crepes are what I would refer to as an “adult grilled cheese”. And I’ve never, ever, EVER heard of a person not liking (loving!) grilled cheese.


The concept of a savory crepe is sheer genius. The concept of a crepe…so simple, yet elegant and sophisticated.

I falsely believed that crepes were hard and/or time consuming and neither could be more off-base. Having a go-to crepe batter and a great non-stick skillet is all you need. Remember when I trialed red velvet crepes and ended up with a DISASTER? And then I tried this recipe that proved me wrong. This recipe will prove you wrong about crepes, too.

I ended up with a masterpiece…without a disaster first. These were phenomenal and the fact that a “grilled cheese” can be enjoyed for under 200 calories? Well, I was one happy dietitian.


Another week, here we go. It’s hard to believe this quarter is only 3 weeks from the end!

Be well,


  1. You are very creative, this is a great recipe . dono y men dont like healthy recipes , it has cheese !!! thnx again

  2. I didn’t have a desire to see The Avengers, either. I think I’m just not a big fan of the super hero movies… except Batman. Because I love me some Batman…

    Savory crepes are so good! I’ve never made them for myself- just ordered them at restaurants in the area that specialize in them.

  3. If he’s home when you make them, you can send his portion to me. They look fab!

  4. Looks great, and I agree that any form of grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food. And this is so elegant!
    Please excuse my ignorance, as I am a recent member of the asparagus-loving club after being the president of the asparagus-hating club for most of my life — but how does one shave asparagus?

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Sue! Great question! Most people use a veggie peeler, but you can certainly just slice each stalk, length-wise into thin strips. You just don’t want HUGE, thick chunks in there. I used a small knife and on a severe angle (15-30 degrees?) kind of slid my knife along the asparagus, length-wise. Worked well! Any way you do it is fine, as long as there’s no super thick, long pieces :)

  5. Grilled cheese is the best!!! Hope you have a great day!

  6. I love weekends like that. :) These crepes look amazing, Nicole…there is nothing better than adult grilled cheese! :)

  7. I thought I was the only one that wasn’t interested in The Avengers. I just don’t get it. But savory crepes – those I get. They’re amazing. These sound perfect. Mr Prevention definitely missed out.

  8. Looks delicious Nicole!! Love the nutritional stats too! :D

  9. Adult grilled cheese? I’m so there! I’ve actually never made savory crepes even though we enjoy sweet ones for breakfast all the time. I gotta try something like this, especially since you described it like that! :D

  10. I LOVE crepes and just made them for the first time recently- such a fun meal to have for any meal!

  11. I love savory crepes! They’ll especially great for breakfast. I almost never eat sweet crepes. This looks lovely.

  12. Hi Nicole. Savory crepes are the BEST. I MUST try shaving some asparagus soon…it’s so plentiful and good now. Hope you have a wonderful week, and yay for kicking back and relaxing yesterday.

  13. Sound delicious for this asparagus recipe! It’s make me so hungry! i can’t wait to eat this :) Thanks Nicole :)

  14. Hi Nicole! Thanks for the FoodBuzz friend add. I’m sorry it took so long to get back. I have been away for a bit but am now back. Wow! What a cool blog you have. Your photos are sharp and clear. Your food has great presentation. Very professional and yet personal. Grilled cheese is always a winner. I love them. These look great and of course being from California, asparagus has been a regular part of our food ensemble.
    Stop by and take a look at my blog if you get a chance. Maybe follow if you’d like. Thanks.

  15. I love the whole wheat batter! Perfect dish with a bit of everything!

  16. I will take Mr. Prevention’s place at the dinner table any time.

  17. hey! i have been following your blog for awhile – loving soo many of the recipes. i usually pin them on pinterest so i can a) show them off to others! and b) go back one day to make them. lately when i try to pin some (like this one) it says the images “cannot be pinned”. i just wanted to see if you didn’t like having your stuff put onto pinterest (i always tag it to the website i pull from so people would be driven here to your website) or if it’s just some techno. fluke that is going on.

    these crepes sound heavenly – i will be trying them soon!

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Lindsay: Thanks so much for reading along! I welcome any pinning! If you use the “Pin It” button below each post, does that work? I think there is a glitch in Flickr which is where I upload my photos into the blog. Please let me know, if you would. Apologize about that!! :)

  18. Awesome recipe. Thanks so much for sharing!
    If you are interested in finding out about growing your own asparagus.


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