S’mores Brownies


My next house WILL have a gas range. Mark my word!

Not only are gas stoves easier to control temperatures on, they’re way easier to clean. For anyone else with a glass top range – I feel your pain. I can’t use it without completely ruining its cleanliness. So, I just don’t clean it until we have guests. I mean…umm…I clean it ALL…THE…TIME! I love cleaning!



What I love is s’mores. My mom taught me a lot of important things, including how to make s’mores in a pinch.

No camp fire? Toast those ‘mallows on the stove!

Too lazy to put a ‘mallow on a skewer? Microwave that baby!

But I may have found the best rendition of s’mores. S’mores BROWNIES.

Mom, I’m sure your heart is racing in excitement. It should be. Just don’t pass out, okay? Breathe.


When I was assigned Delicious Meliscious’ blog for a Blogger’s Choice recipe swap, I would like to say I had trouble choosing. But I didn’t. These were an easy choice and a killer choice to boot.

However, Melissa’s blog is one I will be returning to…a lot. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that every recipe (literally) appealed to me. It’s rare to find blogs that you share such similar tastes with…but hers is one for sure. Besides, Melissa lives in Ohio so we have that in common, too!


What I also loved about this recipe was how simple it was to prepare. These were ready in 30 minutes flat. Perfect for those nights when your kiddo comes home with a last minute request for school or you remember at the last minute that your coworker’s birthday is the very next day.

I kept things simple with a boxed brownie mix (if it’s good enough for Giada, it’s good enough for me!), but you can make your favorite brownie and finish it off with the marshmallows, graham cracker, and chocolate squares.

Just beware, these are HIGHLY addictive. Even my s’mores indifferent coworkers and hubby said so!


Did anyone else watch Idol last night? I’m sad to see Skylar go…but I did love Coldplay’s performances! I skipped out on my workout yesterday – Mr. Prevention and I were both exhausted for no real reason. I listened to my body and kept it a relaxing evening. Today, it’s off to the clinic and squeezing in a workout before the in-laws arrive. Mr. P is running a half marathon tomorrow and his whole fan club will be in attendance!

TGIF, everyone…have a super weekend!

Be well,


  1. Yep, EPIC is right!! You just combined two of my favorite foods :) And for a mere 264 calories?1 HA! You know wha tI Would do with these? Bread them up into ice cream!! Oh man…doesn’t that sound good?! I could eat five of these. Right now.
    I’ve had SUCH a bad sweet tooth lately!!
    Are you here on June 3rd? You should come see TOp Chef Paul with us!

  2. Yesh, these look just amazing!!! These bars are a good reason to always keep a box mix on hand…great for a last minute dessert (or craving!)

  3. Wowza! These brownies look amazing!
    When I was a little girl I was even more addicted to marshmallows than I am now and I would always ask my parents to let me roast marshmallows over the stove. When they wouldn’t let me do that I’d take a marshmallow, cover it in peanut butter, and sprinkle with sprinkles and eat that. SO good!

  4. I’ll trade you my gas range for a pan of these brownies, lol! They look amazing! :)

  5. I’ve totally become a s’mores FIEND lately and am looking for every and any way to get my fix. This is next. SWOON.

    I have a WHITE stove. WHITE. Whoever thought that was a good idea, is a moron. And I totally clean it daily. (and by daily I mean…once in a blue moon.)

  6. Glad you enjoyed them as much as we did! Love your photos!

  7. Yup….I’d bring the insulin to enjoy one these beauties! I recently went from the old coil style electric cooktop to the glass top and for the life of me, I don’t understand WHY it became more popular…it is a bitch to clean and pretty much even boiling water makes it dirty. Although, I did find a great way to keep it shiny ( because of all the things I don’t like about it, the streakiness is the worst!) I keep a spray bottle of plain water and use one of those microfiber clothes that you clean glass with with just water..not sure if it even has a name…but it’s soft and not fluffy towel like…it cleans the surface shiny and streak free…then I clean it like once a week with the scrub to get off baked in stuff…but ya, the coils were sooo much easier to clean.

    I am like you…I totally am going for a gas range next time around….maybe a wolf! lol ( ok…now I’m dreaming)

  8. Billie aka tweetysnest says:

    These look delicious! I want!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love you. And I think we should become best friends now.

    That is all.


  10. My god, these do look epic! Beautiful…I’m sure they are addicting! Definitely have memories of stove-toasted marshmallows, although campfire ones are my favorite.

  11. Oh. My. Gosh.
    I hate to say that I didn’t even have breakfast, but if I had these in my reach THIS would surely be my breakfast. ;)
    I can’t wait to make these!! I love s’mores!

  12. I love a flat-top electric stove. I used to have a gas stove at my old apartment and I actually found it harder to clean because you have to take off all the burner-cover-thingys and then wip around all the crevices. It’s much easier to wipe down a flat surface, in my opinion. Plus it acts as extra workspace if you’re not using it.
    Granted if you get stuff caked onto it then the cleaning is a bit harder, but I use barkeeper’s friend on it and that works relatively well.

  13. Yum – I totally want one! And I am one of the unfortunate people with a glass-top electric stove top. It is so hard to keep clean!

  14. Oh dear heavens. Do NOT let my husband see this! :) I think I want this as my birthday cake this year. Well, birthday brownies anyways!

  15. We never had S’mores growing up. Like, not once. I didn’t even know what they were until grade 8 or 9 when I went camping with a friend and her family.

  16. Look at how perfectly toasted the top is, yum!

  17. Oh my gosh! Just the way these look! Great recipe!

  18. I have a gas stove-top and my stove is also hardly ever clean!

  19. OMG I’ve never ever had s’mores ever but these look amazing. Will definitely need to bake them and give them to family members before I eat them all by myself.

  20. Be still my chocolate lovin’ heart!

  21. These look delicious, great for a summer cookout in lieu of being able to have actual smores!

  22. YUM! These brownies look insanely good!!

  23. Wow. Just wow.

    Thanks for being part of the recipe swaps!

  24. Oh my, these look incredible!! Will definitely be making these very soon. Thank you!

  25. I like how the chocolate bars are still kind of intact.

  26. I’ve died and gone to heaven… Yup, pretty much the case here.

  27. Oh my gosh. I love brownies and I love smore’s…the two together? Amazing!! I absolutely love the broiling of the marshmallows for a real authentic s’mores look. Yum :D

  28. Oh my gosh!!!! Smores……Brownies……. AMAZINGNESSS!!!! ;D I HAVE to make these once I get a brownie mix. Do you think a cake mix would work?

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Kathleen! I think you could use cake, yep. I do think it would be better with brownies, though :)

  29. Yum! What are your thoughts on using a larger dish to achieve a thinner brownie “crust”. Say 13×9 pan?

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Natalie: Absolutely! Just adjust the baking time accordingly and the rest is the same as far as “S’morsing” them ;)

  30. I just made these for a potluck at work. It was incredibly easy and I am sure it will be a real crowd pleaser. How in the heck do you come up with such amazing ideas?

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Carman, I’m glad you found them to be simple…and without a doubt, they will be a hit! I take no credit for that recipe, just stumbled upon it online and knew I had to make them! The original recipe is from Betty Crocker. :)

  31. bridget little says:

    i made these brownies for a going away party this last weekend. talk about a HUGE hit!! everyone loved the concept of combining brownies and smores. next time i make it im going to make it with caramel fill chocolate bars. YUMM.!!

  32. catherine says:

    I use the oven to make s’mores…or rather just to roast marshmallows b/c I honestly could care less about the chocolate and graham crackers. Broiler on and marshmallows on a piece of foil for easy clean up. Just watch them so they don’t burn.
    Mini marshmallows are my favorite, they brown quickly and cool fast but are still gooey on the inside! YUMMY!!

  33. Oh. My. Gosh. Are you TRYING to KILL me???!!!!!

    Seriously considering licking the computer screen. If anyone needs me, I’m at the store buying brownie mix :D!!

  34. Hey Mrs. Famous Cookbook Author, I just came across this recipe featured as one of The Best Brownie (Photos) on Huffington post. Congrats you big-whig!!!!! You are doing awesome!!!


  35. I’m curious why you didn’t make the brownies from scratch other than it’s more convenient? Also, do you have to top the brownies with grahm crakcers to keep everything in tact? I think they would be great with a graham cracker pie crust bottom instead (not saying this version isn’t delicious, but I’d like to put my own twist).

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Time savings. I’m not crazy about baking, so it was just a preference. Plus, these are rich enough without going the homemade route with all of the butter and additional chocolate…or at least how I make brownies! You can definitely do without the graham crackers on top.

  36. I just made these and they turned out amazing!! <3 I used the ghiradelli triple chocolate brownie mix that i got fro costco and used less hersheys since the brownie mix already had chocolate chips. My sister already had 3 pieces…but they were extremely difficult to cut, the marshmallows kept sticking to the knife, any tips?

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Rachel! So glad you enjoyed these! I think using a wet kinfe may help…you could also refrigerate them for an hour before serving, cut, and then allow to come back to room temp (or serve cold). I hope that helps!

  37. I made these with No judge fudge brownie which are only 120 calories as made. Super yummy and easy, just mix a vanilla yogurt and a teaspoon of vanilla extract together with the mix and your in low fat store heaven :)

  38. Just got out of the oven….. Had to try warm…..This is O.M.G. Delicious.. Thanks for sharing ur recipe.

  39. I just made these amazing s’more brownies!!! So glad I found this!!

  40. I am fairly sure that the glass top ranges were created and popularized by people who don’t ever cook at home, let alone worry about cleaning the stove after using it.

  41. THIS looks unbelievable! Really! Love the small pieces of chocolate on top and how you can still read the logo.

  42. WOW! these look awesome…thinking about skippnig my workout to go home and make these :)

  43. Wow, Great Chocolate, looking awesome..I love chocolate, Thanks

  44. Danielle Skinner says:


    I’m going to a late afternoon BBQ tomorrow. If I make this in the am will they still be good by 5 or 6pm?



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