Tomato Olive Spaghetti


Today was 1/2 marathon day.

Mr. P did great – finished 10 minutes ahead of his last year’s time and came in at 1:45! Sub 8-minute mile pace!

As we were going out to dinner last night, my father-in-law asked Mr. P if he was going to have pasta for dinner. Well, he didn’t. He had fajitas and chips with salsa. And a margarita.


Let me think of the times I’ve had a drink the night before a half marathon.

Yeah, none. Yet, I’ve never run a 1:45 half marathon.

I also can’t eat 3,000 calories after 7pm each night and maintain my weight. SOME people are just lucky like that (coughcoughMr.Pcoughcough).


Before races, I usually do pasta. That was part of my running/racing routine from back in high school cross-country days, and I keep to that still.

Until this morning, I thought I was “retired” from distance racing. But of course my adrenalin was pumping and the race atmosphere is just…overwhelming and motivating. As much fun as it is to be a spectator, it’s so much better to be a racer.

I’m making no commitments or promises, but I have officially been bit by the (half) marathon bug…again.


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Of course, we are celebrating a la Mr. P and having pizza (deep dish) again tonight. I guess that will go better with the wine my sister-in-law is bringing along than tacos, but we’re being all non-traditional like that. At least we did have Mexican last night…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Be well,


  1. Glad you got to try this one out. Looks beautiful. And I agree, as a spectator, I always, always want to jump right in.

  2. I am just like you – I can’t even drink the night before a long run, let alone a race!

  3. Men! Frustrating right? lol Well, congrats to you both on finishing a halfer-that is so cool in and of itself, not to mention that he did great. You didn’t mention your time but I”m sure you did great as well. This sauce makes me very sentimental. My Mom’s signature spaghetti sauce always included both green and black olives and while us kids thought the sourness was so strange, we also loved it at the same time. I’ll have to make this for old time’s sake. <3

  4. My husband and I were just discussing green olives and I have some leftover from my ropa vieja dish. I think I’ll make this some time this week.

  5. Way to go Mr P!!


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