Baked Toasted Coconut Donuts


A high school friend of mine and her husband recently opened a restaurant in a Chicago burb. We finally got to visit last night and we got the royal treatment. She explained to us that she does all the baking and her husband, a trained chef, does all the cooking. The place was adorable, the food was wonderful, and unfortunately, we were quite the mess.

My brother broke the chair he was sitting on, I dropped at least 3 napkins on the floor, and I think I dribbled on my black dress at least three times. Okay, maybe I was the mess. I guess I was excited about the appetizer and three desserts they sent over to our table. I love being able to sample so much off the menu in one visit. I tend to struggle when having to commit to just one entree. In fact, Mr. Prevention is “trained” (I can say that since he doesn’t read the blog, right?) to offer me a bite of his meal when we eat out because he knows what “gets” me (ahem…food). It was certainly my best dining experience since Seattle.


Speaking of Seattle. After getting back, I’ve had coconut on the brain. All the fine ladies I sampled the best coconut cream pie with? Yeah, they decided to make the coconut cream pie…immediately. As for me? My stand mixer is in a moving truck…somewhere, and Mr. Prevention is no help when it comes to eating anything coconut, so I vowed to make this coconut cream pie as a belated Father’s Day gift when my parents visited us in Michigan for the first time. Which, thankfully, will be next week.

In the meantime, these Baked Toasted Coconut Donuts curbed my craving.

Not only was my craving curbed for 144 calories versus, ohhh..1,444 calories, but these were amazing! They caught my eye right away, and help from Mr. Prevention or not, these were my last hoo-rah before everything kitchen-related was packed in boxes and sent far, far away. I must say, I am handling the separation well and this was a killer pick for a last dance.


It’s been quite some time since my last baked donut making, and since Mr. Prevention vowed to lay-off donuts until we moved, it’s fair to say I was also craving donuts.

Now that we’re moved/moving, he has already made note that he 1) kept to his promise and 2) has every intention of buying donuts ASAP. As for me, this means my kitchen belongings must arrive sooner rather than later. For the sake of several unwanted and unnecessary pounds of donut gluttony.

Now, I just need to choose which guilt-free recipe is next to try…


 Our wood floors should be installed, sanded, and stained by the time we arrive. We’re leaving Chicago at 4:45am CST to be sure we beat the carpet installers to the house this morning. It could be a LONG day.

Be well,


  1. Aha dount and count , what a lovely combination :))) can I exchange the canola oil with sunflower one , I don’t want to buy anything cuz I will move soon , HOPE U WILL ARRIVE SAFELY TO CHICAGO !

  2. Glad you had a great time even if it was a bit messy. ;)

  3. These look as delicious as our pie!

  4. They look just gorgeous..

  5. Gah I was hoping to win that doughnut mold from you, but I’m pretty sure I’m just going to have to buy one. Your baked doughnuts always sound so good! And so much healthier than the traditional.

  6. Very impressed with the nutritional counts!

  7. Lovely! I’ll have to use these once we start up champagne brunch again!!

  8. O.M.G.. you had me at coconut. I think I could help you eat these, no need for the Mr. :)!

    Glad you are settling in well.

  9. Oh yum! I definitely think these would cure about coconut craving you might have!
    How nice you will have fancy wood floors installed! Enjoy! :)

  10. Beautiful!! You had me at “donuts” haha!

  11. Yep – definitely making these over the weekend – and macaroons – I had no idea my husband loved macaroons!

    What was the name of the restaurant your friends own?? Just curious!

  12. Coconut cream pie is one of my favorites! When I was younger I insisted that I had a coconut cream pie for my birthday instead of cake. These donuts look delicious – nice healthy alternative! :-D

  13. ah! i love coconut!

  14. I’m jealous. I wish one of my friends would open a restaurant!

  15. I love all the coconutty goodness stuffed into these donuts!

  16. Oh, I’m drooling. These look amazing!

  17. I’m crazy about coconut, so obviously I think these are awesome :D I really need some of those coconut chips. Yum!

  18. These look so good!


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