California Roll Lettuce Roll-Ups


I’m really bad at keeping good news a secret. Like, really bad.

Mr. Prevention will actually say to me things like, “You need to not mention xyz, okay? Nicole…okay? OKAY?!”

Yeah yeah, home slice. 10-4. ….I spill the beans. Oops.

But in the case of this Blogger’s Choice Recipe Swap, I just…messed up. I scheduled the post to go live at 7am (I normally post much earlier than that so to keep myself from posting early, I scheduled it to post at that time), but I forgot to change the date to today.


So, I’m driving to work, stopped at a stop light, and see that Joanne had commented on THIS post…yesterday. Wha?!

I pull over and quickly realize my mistake, 32 minutes after going live. Let me tell you, editing a blog post on a smart phone is officially on my list of “things I never want to do again”.

If you saw this yesterday and I spoiled the surprise, I’m sorry. This recipe does bring good news that I wanted to share by the way of a killer California Roll recipe that requires no rolling of seaweed skills. Win-win. Despite my love for sushi and a challenge in the kitchen, I don’t think I’ll be taking up sushi rolling any time soon. Lettuce roll-ups, however, I can handle…that I can do.


When assigned Lisa’s blog, Tastetastic Voyage, my ADHD kicked off and I actually paged through ALL of her recipes on one sitting…every last one (check her out!). I got it narrowed down to 7, most of which I will definitely be making, but ended up choosing this one. This was the perfect light, summertime meal that had lots of color going on. I definitely chose a winner.

I apologize for prematurely sharing the good news of California Roll Lettuce Roll-Ups between 7am and 7:32am EST a day early, but hey…good news is worth sharing twice, right? ;)


TGIF! The in-laws are in for the weekend!! :) No idea what’s on the agenda but after this crazy week, I’ll be enjoying every last second!

Be well,


  1. WIN! All the deliciousness of california rolls without all the work of having to really put them together. And so healthy too!

  2. Hey lady! Glad you liked them so much that you just had to share them early! Your blog makes my ADHD go bonkers too and I always LOVE your photographs. Hope mine are that good some day!

  3. Oh my goodness this looks so delicious! It’s such a simple idea and perfect for Summer! Great Blogger’s Choice pick :).

  4. I love California rolls! This is such a unique twist!
    Sounds just delicious! :)
    Enjoy the weekend with the in-laws!

  5. Yum! This looks so good! I love this idea :)

  6. This is an awesome idea! California roll is one of my favorite types of sushi!

  7. What a great way to enjoy California roll flavors at home! I’m impressed you scheduled a post early – I feel like I’m always behind!

  8. Genius! love me some sushi but the though of rolling my own has never appealed ;)


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