Summer Barley Risotto


On Monday we had Cajun Chicken Pasta for dinner. As I was dishing up Mr. Prevention’s plate, he gasped…


I looked at him and just laughed as I handed him his plate with chicken draped across the pasta. There’s no slipping anything past that husband of mine. He even made his first ever (I believe) blog comment on Monday’s Meatless Monday post to announce that we did not eat meatless on Monday, but instead…chicken. Meaty Monday!

Maybe this was his cry for more meatless meals!? ;)


When my in-laws were in town a few weeks ago I had everything on hand to make this Summer Barley Risotto. They were going to opt for Subway to keep me out of the kitchen, but I kindly reminded them that I LOVE being in the kitchen…so long as I have happy mouths to feed. I do have a Julie Child quote framed in my kitchen, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” So true, especially when they like healthy food and trying new things.

Anyways, my father-in-law is a deer hunter and loves his meat so I hesitated making this meal. I knew he would be the hardest to win over with a meatless meal.


I whipped up this risotto with all of summer’s best. The cherry tomatoes this year…heavenly.

While I had warned father-in-law that this was a meatless meal, he showed no apprehension. I guess his favorite daughter-in-law must be a decent cook with good taste in recipes. Who knows. ;)

He dug in…and liked it. A lot. Score 1 for the home team.

That Meatless Sunday negates my failed Meatless Monday, right?


I don’t know why, but this week is DRAGGING. Maybe I’m just so looking forward to the winery tour we’re doing on Saturday. Friends and local wineries…what’s better? :)

Be well,


  1. haha, I can just hear Mark saying that to you! I’m glad he’s embraced the blog now, or at least it sounds like it.
    The winery tour sounds fun!! OF course, a beer tour would be better :) Actually Nick and I wll be in Cleveland one weekend in OCtober (I have to go there three Saturdays in OCt. for work, and I’m going to bring Nick with me one time) and we might tour the Great Lakes Brewery. We’ll keep you posted in case you want to meet up with us. I have no idea how far that is from you…

  2. I can’t wait to see pics of the winery tour!

  3. I love winery tours. Matt and I go all the time because we have quite a few wineries near us. i know that there are a lot down in Southern MI too, but I’ve never tried any of them.

    I’m always skeptical about people’s reactions when serving them food. Unless its my husband or immediate family I assume that they’re just being nice when they say that they like something. Dinner guests can’t be trusted.

  4. bahahaha… I love that he even noticed! I feel like most guys I date/are friends with are like “ooohhh fooooood” with no regard to what day it is.

  5. Mr. P. is too funny! :)

    The risotto looks & sounds wonderful!

  6. Gotta love Mr. P busting you about meatless Monday!!

  7. This sounds fabulous!!!
    That is too funny that you have that quote in your kitchen..I do too!! Great minds (and cooks!) think alike.

  8. A winery tour sounds like fun! I think this week is dragging because next week I’m on vacation!

  9. Hi, I loved your story and the recipe looks awesome. Something I’m going to try. Thanks

  10. I don’t think my husband would notice any household food trends.

  11. I read this post on my phone earlier and couldn’t comment from there, but I am online now with some time to spare. So funny that your husband called you out on this one, but I agree if you did it Sunday, it can displace or replace Monday. This risotto looks awesome. And it is awesome that your father in law was a fan.

  12. I’m so glad you liked this dish. We loved it (and yay for your FIL enjoying it, too!)

  13. This looks great for summer produce yum! I have some csa cherry tomatoes that taste like candy they are so sweet and delicious :)


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