Buffalo Chicken Topped Potatoes


My mom called at 10:35pm on Wednesday. I had just drifted off to sleep and thought, “Hm, maybe it’s important. ::ignore:: She’ll leave a message if it’s important.” No message, so I settled into my slumber again.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to this email that was sent to my best friend that I was carbon copied on.


I met what I feel is a worthy young man through mutual friends.  Nate ____, a nephew of a good friend of ours, is staying here in OP while he is “trading” downtown.  While I don’t know Nate well, I can tell you, he impressed me as a responsible 23 YO man (rare).  I don’t know a lot about him except he is here in OP while he is temporarily trading downtown, played football in college, attended college at Ohio _____ and also values family.  I think he is worth your checking him out and he is anxious to meet you.

Ma ___ suggests you call him at (51x)xxx-xxxx.  He is expecting your call.  I would encourage you to trust me to the extent to say, he is worth the call.

I found I couldn’t share that much with him about you but enough for him to be interested and hoping you will phone.

Call him.

Love, Ma ____


My mom, the forever match maker.

As I was sitting in an all-day training yesterday, the emails flying around about this potential blind date were going on and on. It really made the day go quickly and with plenty of humor.

Kristen isn’t alone. My mom is always wanting me to use Facebook as an advertisement looking for women for my brother. She’s quite thrifty when it comes to match-making. Obviously.


My friends…are all single. My brother is single. I need my nearest and dearest to get paired up already!

Me? I’ve been with my buffalo wing-loving better half for 9 years. I  know what makes him tick and it usually involves cheese, chicken, and wing sauce. When I saw this recipe, I knew this recipe would be a hit.

Of course, I was correct!


 Thank goodness it’s Friday! We’re meeting my parents at their camp site tonight. I have to get a bit of a laugh out of them camping 15 minutes from our house :) Tomorrow is chili, college football, and dinner with friends…can’t wait! The weather has been stunning — hoping for more of it this weekend!

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, Michelle! :) Hope your day is wonderful!

Be well,


  1. That email is hysterical! I love it! And I loooove these potatoes. YUM.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I got your gift and opened it this morning and LOVE it! And despite mark’s sarcastic remarks about the fish, I love the idea behind it :) I can’t wait to wear it! Thank you!!

  3. Happy bday to your SIL! And of course, you had me at buffalo and cheese – have a great weekend!

  4. Your mom is soo funny! What’s life without a little matchmaking? ;)

    Happy birthday to your sister-in-law! I know what you mean about knowing what makes the husband tick after so many years — Peter will do anything for fried chicken and clam chowder! Although he would tuck right into these buffalo chicken potatoes :)

  5. Your mom is adorable.

  6. Your mom is too cute. These look fantastic. I think even my non-potato-loving husband would like these.

  7. Does your mom want to keep an eye out for my match?? ;)

  8. hahah! That email is too funny! Sounds exactly like something my mom would do too… :) And LOVE the potatoes! Buffalo chicken is the best, this sounds fabulous!

  9. Your mom is awesome! I’m going to be just like that when I’m older. I’m already kind of like that. I try to set my girl friends up all the time but they just won’t have it. In my experience, girls are much more difficult to convince to get set-up than guys are. I know a lot of really nice guys and no girls to set them up with! (If you know any girls who’d be willing to get set-up with a Windsor area man let me know! LOL!)

  10. Yum! Made these for dinner tonight and not only were they super simple to put together, but tasty too!

    I am curious, I too used leftover cubed chicken, when you did it did you add all 3T of the buffalo sauce as well as 2T of vinegar to the potatoes? I started out with 2T of buffalo sauce and it wasn’t flavorful enough so I added the 3rd. I didn’t add any of the vinegar though (I rationalized it as a lot of it probably would have cooked away had I added it when I was cooking the chicken), but I think I would have liked it in the potatoes to give them some more oomph! What did you do? Still really tasty though, I’ll definitely be making them again!


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