Chicken Marsala Risotto


I’m glad everyone enjoyed my mother, the match maker. I was a bit nervous that Kristen may not appreciate my sharing of her love life, but she was a good sport about it and even “assumed” I would blog about it. Right she was. My life is only spicy when I can live vicariously through others. :-D

 I think I speak for all when I say, we want to know what comes of the match making. Right? Right.

She did text him by the way. And they’re going to meet up. Stay tuned.


Speaking of texting, I think it’s ruining dating. I wouldn’t know, but I know that women in my life who are dating and ask my opinion on what to do NEVER do what I suggest. Because I think they’re all chickens and technology has made people into dating idiots. Anyone can be bold over text message, but what if you totally freeze when you finally MEET that person, or get to KNOW that person?

When I met Mr. Prevention, I didn’t like him at first. At all, actually. I know I’ve told this story before, so I’ll skip to the point where he wouldn’t leave me alone, and I decided to go out with him again…even though it was against my initial impression of, “thanks, but no thanks!”

We’re now very happily married. Without the help of text message. We talked and didn’t play games. Our relationship moved quickly with the “I love you’s” and all that jazz because we shared what we felt, not what we thought we should feel. We didn’t play the “I don’t want to look desperate” game, we called when we wanted to talk, or just because. It’s a confusing war zone out there for those seeking love.


When you find a worthy someone,  I suggest 1) being up front and honest and 2) making this meal. Risotto is so romantic and this meal appealed to every sense — smell, mouth feel, flavor, and it looks great, too. Delicious. Absolutely delicious. Mr. Prevention concurs.

And the wine cancels out the garlic, in case the night ends in kisses. And wine should accompany this meal for the full enjoyment that is marsala.

Dating 101 and Cooking 1o1. Who said this was only a food blog? ;)


 I ran 15 miles last week! I’m back in the groove since I have new fall TV to watch while on the treadmill. Hockey tonight and tomorrow!

Thanks for all of your loyal readership — 2 million views! Wooo!

Be well,


  1. That looks really good! I don’t know why I don’t make risotto more often. It’s so tasty and easier to make than it sounds.

  2. Hahaha forget engagement chicken! Chicken Marsala Risotto is the key to love.

  3. You are so funny Nicole :) And yes, I totally want to know what happens because I also live vicariously through others! Your chicken marsala risotto sounds like the perfect fusion of two of my favorite dishes!

    P.S. Loved the story of your and Mr. Prevention – adorable!

  4. YUM!
    And I agree with you, this meal is perfect for a date.
    I love risotto, but have only made it once.
    Great dating advice. I am with you!!!!

  5. I’m a vicarious life-liver too. And you’re one I live vicariously though!

  6. Risotto is so gooood! I’ve never made it myself, but I should! Especially this marsala version – I love chicken marsala!

  7. I completely agree with you about dating. Texting is a terrible way to communicate with someone that you are just starting to date. Conversations are much more exciting/nervewracking/intimate on the phone (just plain better!) that texting takes all the fun out of dating! Also, I find with texting you’re really pressured to respond right away and you feel like you’re at the beck and call of the person you’re dating which can be really annoying. A phone call takes less time and is really a one shot deal (rather than a text convo that can go on all day)

    Also, I’m definitely not a “rules” type of girl. I hate playing head games with guys. It’s frustrating and dishonest and I really don’t think it is that effective. Although your “playing hard to get” seemed to be effective in snagging Mr. P. but I guess you were legitimately uninterested so you weren’t really “playing”.

  8. This risotto sounds absolutely amazing! Love the flavors!

  9. This looks so tasty and healthy. I gotta try it out!


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