Beach & Lily + Weekly Menu


I spent the weekend finishing up every last recipe for the cookbook. At about 10pm last night, my kitchen still looked like a battle scene from WWIII. Or Top Chef. But I can now start to put the final touches on my book and move on to the next big thing…studying!

Did I mention I’m sitting for a Board Certification in Advanced Diabetes Management? Because I am. December 18th. And my study guide is getting dusty in the few short weeks I’ve had it.


Donna is in HAWAII starting a new travel position as the RD at a small hospital. She landed and quickly realized why there was no one around — they were preparing for a tsunami to hit. But since she can see the ocean from her new crib, we can’t feel too bad for her.

(Tsunami crisis averted. The weather was beautiful when I talked to her late last night.)

Other than cooking and a good run along with some hockey, I carved out a chunk of time to head to the beach with Lily. I’ve heard the waves a lot lately and it has been far too long since I enjoyed the beauty of Lake Michigan. With winter coming quickly, I need to be able to remember why I love this place.


Some moments you just remember and yesterday at the beach was one of those. There’s just something about the water that clears my mind and grounds me to continue on.

Just pictures today. I can officially rededicate my time and energies to blogging and so I will start back up with a Weekly Menu! We haven’t seen one of those in awhile, eh?

Weekly Menu: October 29th – November 2nd


I feel like Lily looks. The weekends go too fast!

Be well,


  1. says

    What amazing photos I know she loves her view.I know you are excited to study I hope it doesn’t take up to much time, but I know your excited that you get to sit on the board..

  2. says

    So the poblano and potato quiche I made for breakfast – amazeballs! My poblano peppers were VERY spicy, so I only used one, but super delicious way to start the day.

    I love Lily – so cute! I don’t know how you have time to sleep with everything you have going on!

  3. Lizzie says

    Lily is adorable as always and I am so jealous of your lake lifestyle!
    I’m glad the weekly menu is back! I missed it. I’m excited to hear what you think of the red lentil pumpkin soup. I think I’ll try the walnut and rosemary oven-fried chicken tonight. :)

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