Slow Cooker Beef Stew


Mr. Prevention usually makes fun of my attempts to prepare beef because we eat so little of it in our house, and we both prefer our beef medium-well…leaning more towards “well”. Almost always we would choose chicken or seafood over beef, but sometimes…there’s nothing like MEAT.

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and kept thinking about trying a traditional stew…for the first time ever. I know, I know. I’ve been living behind a  crock pot rock.

Us bloggers also tend to think that sometimes, the “classics” bore people and we need to try recipes that are new and different and unique. But, that’s really not the case. There’s a reason stew has been a household staple for many, many years…duh, self


What may surprise some is how HEALTHY this meal is — under 300 calories for beef stew?! Believe it. Stew beef is extremely lean (and moderately priced!) which makes it ideal for recipes like this that utilize the slow cooker to keep meat tender and flavorful with the low temperatures and long cooking time.

Not only are the calories low and the cost in check, but the recipe is low in fat, high in fiber (full of veggies of all different colors), and has lots of protein for keeping you satisfied…until dessert. Which you can enjoy because, well, dinner came in under 300 calories!


Note to self: Sometimes, the classics will surprise you. You even polled the audience, and got lots of “thumbs up” for hearty beef stews.

My only regrets are 1) Mr. Prevention had a work dinner thing last night and saved no room to try my masterpiece. (I’ll approach him with leftovers today, no doubt). and 2) that it was raining last night. Otherwise, I would’ve happily taken some of this plentiful stew over to our friend’s house who had a baby last week. But, I don’t really deal with rain all too well (random, but true).

At least I know what lunch is. And I can’t wait. Time stamp: really early morning. Though it’s never too early to have a game plan for your next meal, especially when it’s healthy to boot.


Hard to believe but I’ve only got 6 recipes left to go for the cookbook…and T-12 days until my manuscript is due. AHH! :) I think I can…I think I can…

Be well,


  1. Looks a lot like our dinner last night!! Yum yum. I’ll have to try this now that I know Nick likes stews (not soups). Crazy.
    P.S. Thanks for all of your e-mail help ;)

  2. I LOVE the classics like this. Because all the “classic” recipes are the only ones my mom ever made. This reminds me of snow days when I was little…

  3. I don’t think classics ever go out of style. I get really bored with the “over the top” stuff out there trying to out calorie each other by dumping a bunch of stuff in a bowl. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, ya know? :) Now THIS? A definite winner!

  4. Anastasia says:

    OK, I’m looking at the pictures and guessing….one yellow what???? Onion maybe?

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Anastasia! I had to laugh…but I am so sorry! Yes, one yellow onion :) I fixed the recipe. Thanks for catching that!

  5. A classic stew is welcome on most tables!

  6. I made this with chicken thighs and chicken broth today — also very tasty!

  7. This is my first time commenting, but I have been a reader of your blog for a while now. I made this recipe yesterday and it was so delicious! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Laura Robson says:

    I had been deliberating over which recipe to choose ever since I had decided to buy a slow cooker. After searching through pinterest and the rest of the internet for a few days I saw this. I made it earlier today and have just finished a bowl of it. I gotta say, it was AMAZING. The whole house smells so good. I made this for my dad as he has been having a tough time at work, and he is currently on his second bowl. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent recipe.

  9. Classics never die :-) This is incredibly delicious! My whole family enjoyed it so much. Thanks.


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