3rd Annual Chili Contest: Entry #6 – Moroccan Lamb and Butternut Squash Chili


I think my parents did a great job of raising my brother and I (CLEARLY!). We’re good people, kind to others, mature-ish, love our family, care for others more than ourselves, have good values and work ethic, and of course, we’re above-average stellar people all-around. Kidding, kidding.

Growing up, my friends LOVED to come to my house. I have no idea why, simply because my house had a lot of rules.

No phone calls after 10pm. No food or beverage away from the kitchen table. No shoes in the house. Make your bed every day.

My dad is a cleaning FANATIC and he’s never late. In fact, he’s always early. Really early. Early to the point it’s embarrassing…maybe even rude at times. He can’t help himself…it’s who he is.


Of all the good my parents have instilled in me, neat freakish-ness and timeliness are not my strong suits….by a long shot. To battle the cleaning issue, we now have a cleaning lady. She comes Friday…thank GOODNESS. Best money I spend all month, truly.

As for my tardiness…well, I’ve got no good excuse. I’m not always a good planner.

More often than not, I’m running late to hockey, late to work (thank goodness my work hours are very flexible), and late to pick-up Lily from daycare (yes, my crazy bulldog goes to daycare 1-2 days a week). The Lily issue has become increasingly problematic so I’ve made efforts to improve this. It’s awkward to call her daycare and say, “Paula…it’s Nicole. I’m going to be a few minutes late…I’m so sorry.” Then I proceed to explain what my excuse is. Which, for the record is usually very good (seriously). Things like work, weather, workouts, and yesterday…a detour after an accident. I arrived at 6:04pm. Fail.

But sweet Paula…she tells me, every time, “It’s okay, Nicole…drive say. Don’t speed.” Ha. Paula’s got my number.


When Mr. Prevention got back from China last weekend, I wanted to make a special meal to enjoy while we watched the game. This recipe fit the bill, plus game time = chili time! The ingredients are tres romantique as far as chili goes.Problem was, I didn’t plan ahead (ahem, I didn’t read the recipe until I had started)…so dinner was running late in typical Nicole fashion. This chili cooks for a long, LONG time. So do as I say and not as I do and plan ahead. This one is worth the wait!

As the chili contest continues (only 2 to go – whoa!), the winner becomes less and less unclear. Every recipe has been wonderful. I love that this recipe pushed me outside the box with the lamb (though my pocket book rebelled!) and I got to try a new spice – ras al hanout! And I loooove it!


  I am SORE after RIPPED yesterday. Ohhh my. I still hate weight lifting…but, I’m glad I did it!

Be well,


  1. Ok this looks amazing too. I can’t take all these recipes!!

  2. haha, I thought I tried to warn you about the time commitment! Well, I’m so glad you thought it was worth it :)

  3. I love Moroccan spices – this looks fantastic!

  4. I need a cleaning lady in my life – I hate cleaning so much!

  5. Aren’t we all above-average stellar people? ;)

    Yay for Mr. Prevention being back! ‘Tis the season for chili, it seems, and I love your version!

  6. What an interesting twist on a chili recipe! I’ve never even thought about turning chili into a moroccan inspired dish

  7. I know what you mean. Iseem to get later and later as I get older. I usually have a good excuse too but I used to be the one always on time.
    Looks delicious by the way!

  8. ooohhh I love the idea of lamb in chili.

  9. What a great twist on the classic chili! So beautiful!

  10. I am definitely NOT big on cleaning (and there WILL be a cleaning lady in my future!) but I’m okay with being on time. :) I LOVE the ethnic twist on this chili. leave it to Cara to make such a rockstar recipe!

  11. Seems to me that your parents did more than a good job, they did a GREAT job. And hey, nothin’ wrong with a little untidyness and not being 100% punctual. Sometimes, life just gets in the way of the best plans. This recipe certainly looks like a winner to me. Have a great day Nicole.

  12. I love chili! This looks incredible even though I don’t eat lamb!


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