Cherry-Almond Granola Bars


I must confess a few things. The holidays and lots of travel wreak havoc on me, my body, and my routine.

I confess that on our way from central Illinois to Chicago, I ate several homemade pizzelles that were given as a gift from Mr. Prevention’s uncle. They were just…there…and they tasted SO good.

I confess that I worked out ZERO times since leaving for Illinois last Friday, despite packing workout clothes. (I did run last night, however!)


I confess that I drank a craft beer every night we were gone.

I confess that I not only ate some killer thin crust pizza, but also some deep dish from Papa Dels in Champaign, Illinois.

I confess that the broccoli on my Christmas Eve dinner plate was covered in cheese. And Ritz crackers. Probably some butter, too…I’m not sure. But it was delicious.

I confess that one morning, my mother-in-law made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and I partook. Thank goodness I limited myself to one. Mr. Prevention put on the breaks after 3.


By yesterday, my body was giving me serious heck for the abuse. At our fourth and final Christmas, I stuck to tilapia and green beans, included a green salad, and took the smallest piece of baklava off the dessert table ;).

My point is, I’m ready to return to normalcy. My grocery cart included mixed greens and carrots. It did not include butter, flour, or sugar unlike my pre-Christmas grocery trips. I made dinner last night and it included fish and broccoli slaw…and water. Lots of water.

I’m glad that as I jet out the door this morning I can grab something wholesome and delicious…something that I made nearly 2 weeks ago and can enjoy today and for weeks to come. Having healthy snacks or breakfasts like these granola bars on-hand is crucial to my making healthy choices. Pizzelles don’t look quite as good when they’re up against a homemade Cherry-Almond Granola Bar, that’s for sure!


Back to work today :( At least it’s only a 2-day work week. I think I can…I think I can.

Be well,


  1. Those look amazing! I think I have to make them stay (here’s hoping mine look as good)

  2. I confess that I have had MORE than the recommended ONE serving of alcohol for the last 4 nights straight, and I confess that I had 3 large buckeyes and 2 pieces of rocky road fudge on Christmas day……as an appetizer. BAHAHA!! But, I did workout :) muahaha, but only half.

    We practice what we preach, right?!
    Great granola bar recipe!! I can’t use coconut but I could probably substitute something else….right?!

  3. I dont even want to recall all the food and alcohol that i have been indulging in the name of holiday spirit. And workout has also been a foreign word lately. But I feel pretty pumped to get back on track. Thanks for sharing this recipe and inspiration to get back on daily routine ASAP :) I probably should make these now.

  4. Those look amazing! I will definitely try those, although I may have cottage cheese instead of a banana on the side because of all the carbs.

    I forgot to tell you that I made your olive oil “crack” granola for gifts this year, I only added white sesame seeds and it was a big hit. I inadvertantly discovered a secret though. After mixing the wet and dry ingredients together, let that sit for 30 minutes before baking – you get bigger chunks of granola that way. :D

  5. These look tasty and crunchy/chewy! We got to make xmas eve dinner this year and kept everything fairly healthy and mostly plant-based :) Even had some apple cinnamon water kefir and fermented chutney to help with digestion. We did make some maple cinnamon granola and maple bark in the dehydrator that definitely was not ‘light’ but delicious!

  6. Mr. Prevention says:

    Mr. Prevention / Prevention RD Pizza Cook off going on tonight! Cast your vote for who will win!

  7. Beautiful photography Nicole! These look tasty and filling :)

  8. I haven’t had a homemade pizzelle since I was a little girl! I’m jealous!

  9. I’ve been looking everywhere for granola bars that resemble Kind bars (in ANY sort of way!). What can I use as a coconut oil substitute? If there isn’t an excellent substitute, I’ll just buy some :)

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Sarah! You could use butter or a butter substitute with healthy fats, like Smart Balance. I love the flavor from the coconut oil, however :)

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