Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies + Weekly Menu


My mother-in-law sent an email this week letting me know that they now have a coffee maker at their house! This is wonderful news! How people start their morning without coffee is nothing short of a travesty in my mind and while the local college coffee shop makes great coffee, I’m all for not stripping off my PJ’s until absolutely necessary when I’m on holiday vacation.

…which is why I may go to the coffee shop in my PJ’s…

My mother-in-law also said that she’s excited to see us…next weekend. NEXT weekend. Whaaa? How did the holidays sneak up on me this quickly?


Yes, my tree has been up for weeks.

Yes, I made nearly 200 buckeyes last weekend.

Yes, I just received a TON of poinsettias to decorate the cafeteria at the hospital.

Yes, we had snow this past week.

But it just…snuck up on me.


My mission this weekend was very simple: baking and studying. So far, I’ve made serious strides on the baking. I’m almost done with my holiday baking and plan to put together my tins this afternoon.

Studying…not so much. When they say you “get out of the swing of things” when it comes to being a “student”…it’s no lie. My board certification in advanced diabetes management is in TWO days. Has this mustered up any note-worthy motivation to hit the books? Not so much. Though I have been setting aside time to do so at work…

In the spirit of the holidays, I’m going to bring my flash cards into the kitchen to multi-task. I see no other way.

Oh the irony. Studying diabetes while making DOZENS of holiday cookies. Everything in moderation, right? ;)


 Weekly Menu: December 16th – 20th

Baking, studying, hockey, Illini basketball! It’s been a good weekend :-D

Bring your pancreas/insulin…it’s nothing but holiday treats for the next week! Tis the season! Enjoy in moderation!

Be well,



  1. This post made me smile the whole time I read! The holidays and our trip home to Louisiana snuck up on me too! :-) looooove this recipe and looking forward to baking it for Zach’s family! :-)

  2. ooo one of my favorite kinds of cookies :)
    I am one of those people who doesn’t NEED coffee and with a baby…that’s a miracle!

    I know what you mean about getting out of the swing of things with studying! Ug. It is SO hard to pick back up! COllege? I’m not sure how I did it!

    Happy Holidays! They snuck up on me too! Haven’t done ANY holiday baking!

  3. Mmm yum! I am always on the lookout for cookies that aren’t super chocolatey and rich — these look great!

    PS your measuring cups are adorable.

  4. I’ll bring my insulin pen!! Those look delicious. I tried to bake yesterday, and I am reminded why I don’t – I suck at it.

    All I know is the granola and Chicago mix popcorn I am sending are awesome, the cookies? Well, hopefully they have squirrels to give them to.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. these cookies seriously couldnt be a better combination.. I am totally going to have to make these next weekend for Christmas! PS I love the irony :)

  6. Oh my goodness, it’s been sneaking up on me too and now I’m running around trying to get everything done – it’s crazy!
    What is it about cranberries and white chocolate? They are so good together – and your cookies look awesome!

  7. OH YUM!
    Yes, I swear I have been eating so much sugar! And it will continue I am sure for the next couple weeks. As we speak, I am baking cookies. ;)
    Just can’t resist!

  8. I’m so awful with caffeine that I can’t start the morning with coffee! At least not often ;-)


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