Crockpot Wheat Berry and Turkey Sausage Minestrone + Weekly Menu


Work holiday party in the books. It was…entertaining, to say the least.

You’ve never heard so many cheers as when the CEO of the hospital bought a round of drinks for all 400 holiday party attendees. Apparently, Michigan knows how to party.


Who knew the “quiet” women of the business office would burst into jumping, fist pumping unison when “Party Rock Anthem” came through the speakers. These women were out for a good time, no doubt about it.

Luckily, we had snagged a table as close to the dace floor as humanly possible and Mr. Prevention sold drink ticket during the CEO’s speech. He proudly reported that he sold “quite a lot” during that stretch of time that I was listening to the head honcho and not helping cater to the drinkers in the crowd. Such a good helper was he!


The evening was a great success and that was the important thing. They had a 25% increase in the number of attendees to the hospital’s holiday party and perhaps that was the reason why dinner portions were skimpy. Who knows.

Several hours after dinner when we had returned home, Mr. Prevention and I both looked at one another and said, “Are you hungry, too?”….before fighting over for the leftovers in the fridge. I would’ve loved a little bit more food, but even family style, there was a small portion of all of the components to go around and I have to imagine that no one wanted to take more than their fair share…which was minimal.

I truly believe that some people are satisfied by the volume they are served over the quality they are served. While I’d like to think I have a liking for both, I choose quality over quantity. Even better, recipes like this one give you quality AND quantity and serve up a meal that is not short on portion or taste. A win-win, if you will!


Weekly Menu: December 2nd – 6th

  Lots to do today…priorities being a workout and studying!!

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  1. I wish I Could say quantity was always last on my mind, but I’m a volume person most of the time, so a big bowl of veggies can often give me pleasure simply because I can eat a LOT for such few calories! At restaurants, however, I look for quality over quantity, always.

    Thanks for posting this Nicole. I have never seen a slow cooker recipe with wheat berries. I’m pinning this and making it soon. I’m so glad I have a slow cooker now!!!

  2. I might have to make this when I bring soup to our office on Souper Friday’s looks delicious!!

    Glad the event went well, even if there wasn’t enough food!

  3. I’m definitely a volume person (perhaps from growing up on not-so-high-quality foods?), but Peter has taught be to appreciate quality :) This fun recipe fits both criteria, so it’s a winner in my book!

  4. Do you use hard red or soft white wheat berries? Does it matter which to use?

    • Nicole, RD says:

      Hi Casey! I used hard wheat berries…but I’m not sure if they were red or white. I don’t think it matters, but they were hard. :)

  5. Sounds like a fun holiday party!


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