English Toffee


I don’t remember the first time I tried English Toffee…and not because it wasn’t memorable. My very poor memory fails me all the time. I am sure, however that time stood still, a fairytale was in-the-making real-time, and there were fireworks. Lots of fireworks. Without a doubt, toffee is my all-time favorite Christmas goodie. There’s just nothing that can compare.

I love that super hard crack with the smooth chocolate and pecan topping. I love that it gets stuck in your teeth for later to enjoy over and over again (don’t think too much on that…it’s a little gross and a lot delicious).


It took me until last year to attempt English Toffee for the first time. I had staved off the need to create one of the most calorie-dense sweets known to man for as long as possible. My strong-willed self, particularly when it comes to all things culinary, felt it necessary to take on toffee.

With candy thermometer in hand, I swiftly ruined 2 batches of toffee and subsequently, pounds of butter and sugar went straight into the trash. I needed patience to master my skill, and I attempted yet again.

I finally found success and knew that from that point forward, toffee would always be a Christmas tradition.


While I learned a lot last year, apparently my patience is yet to be improved upon. Batch #1 of toffee this year went straight into the trash as the butter and sugar separated. I tried again, with a bit more patience and a true “medium” flame. I stirred enough…but not too much. I babysat the toffee just a bit, not getting caught up in Facebook pursuing this time.

Toffee success.

Naturally, I made a second batch. One, to prove mastery (for another year to only be forgotten) and two, to fill the many tins of goodies that go to family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. This stuff is mmm mmmm MMMM good! Approved by all who sampled!


  That concludes 7 days of sugar (and 7 sweet recipes)…now, get to baking!

Holiday celebration #1 today! :-D

Happy holidays,



  1. YUM!!!

  2. My favorite Christmas goodie! Do you think it would work with raw sugar as well? Or is there something about the white sugar in the recipe?

  3. Oh boy! I’ll save this for a time when I can make it and give most of it away. For now, we’re enjoying (in moderation, mostly) the dark chocolate assortment we got as a gift. That’s quite enough sweets for now!

  4. This looks so good! I love love love toffee, but I’ve never tried it at home. Your version looks wonderful!

  5. I used to be addicted to daim chocolate bars when I was younger. This would be like making them at home!

  6. my boyfriend brought some toffee crunch from work and i absolutely was in love with it. Even though its such a calorie dense thing, I loved every single bite, every tiny pieces that got stuck between my teeth- so worth it.
    Bravo for not giving up on toffee making because i get frustrated easily when there is kitchen disaster. Happy Holidays!

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