Apple-Toffee Hand Pies


You know how some weeks you just feel like you keep getting rolled over by a semi? That’s this week. Where did it start? Let me think about this.

Monday night at my hockey game I was just…off. I normally get off the ice and am able to ring the sweat right out of my ponytail. Monday night, I actually didn’t even wash my hair before falling into bed. (If you know me and my reservations about dirty people in beds, this will come as a total shock to you. I cringe a little inside even thinking about my barely-sweaty head in my pillow…after being in the helmet that I sweat in many times each week. Eww.)


Tuesday at work was absolutely insane. Meetings, meetings, and way too many patients in the hospital. Saving grace: my evening presentation was post-poned until spring. However, it was a long night ahead. Miss Lily has a pretty nasty infection, in a region we need not talk about on a food blog, and had Mr. P and I up most of the night trying to get her comfortable. She was pacing every square inch of the house and insisted (if a bulldog is anything, it is persistent) on being let outside every 10-15 minutes from about 1am to 4am. I believe at one point in the night, Mr. Prevention was on the floor with her in the living room and I was upstairs trying to catch a few minutes of rest and all I could hear was, “Lily, it’s okay baby…Lily, it’s okay.”

Needless to say, she had an emergency vet visit first thing in the morning and a nice chunk of change later, is on some Benadryl and antibiotics…and still not back to being herself.


Wednesday was another crazy day at work that included the compressor going out of the biggest free standing refrigerator in my kitchen…the month after I finally made budget. The day was followed by the start of another parent-child cooking class and while rather fun, it made for a late night and a flare-up of my plantar faciitis. I should know by now that heels are not the correct choice for 13 hour work days, one would think. I had to drop off my car (finally) to get the body work done from my blonde moment crash from back in November and by the time I got around to dinner, it was all I had in me to smear some peanut butter on a bagel thin, break off 1/2 of one of these Apple-Toffee Hand Pies (for a guilt-free 99 calories!) and call it a day…at 10pm.

Because Mr. Prevention needed a ride to a car pool lot yesterday morning, I was up well before my usual rise time and was hitting the coffee…hard. I yawned all day, almost convincing myself to take a mental health day today since you know, I had to play hockey last night and that tends to leave me with less sleep and less time to regroup. Being Friday and seeing no meetings on my calendar brought about my decision to hold off just one more day for a little breather. Ah, the weekend. You’re practically here. Hallelujah!


 TTTTGGGGIIIIIFFFFFF!! I stayed up too late last night watching the Illinois game after my hockey game – whoops!

Be well,



  1. Oh wow Nicole, these look amazing!!! I wish I could eat those darn apples. Maybe I could substitute another fruit? Like…. oranges. haha, or blueberries. Yes, blueberries. Sounds yummy.

    I hope Lily is ok :( I feel her pain, I was sick this week too!

  2. That’s quite a week you had but these lil pie would be the perfect pick me up! YUM!

  3. These look awesome and easy :)

  4. What a week!! and poor little pup, hope she is doing better

  5. MMMMMMM!!!!

  6. Yikes! Rough week :(
    Luckily the weekend is finally here so you can relax and wind down a bit.

    Hopefully Lily feels better soon.

  7. Oh my gah…what a fantastic combination of apples and toffee. These sound like my kinda food!! YUM!!!!!!

  8. These look so good!!!

  9. Hooray for the weekend! Hope you get to sleep in. :D And those hand pies?? Insulin worthy!

  10. Poor Lily! I hope she’s feeling better, its always so hard when your animals are sick. I’ve been there many times.

  11. Hi Nicole. So sorry you had the week from hell. Hope Lily is MUCH better soon, and hope you have a chance to get some R&R over the weekend. (and maybe a glass of wine) Hugs across the miles to you.

  12. Totally relate to those over-the-top crazy weeks. Hope Lily is better! These pies looks absolutely amazing though – apple anything is my heaven!

  13. I can definitely relate! These little hand pies are so cute, though…love them! :)

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