Baked Hush Puppies


Ahhhh…TGIF! Weekend, you are well within reach. This week has been really long — I blame the snow. Michigan has seemed to have brought out the plows, however. Finally.

Kristen is coming to visit and I do believe we’ll do some sort of cooking/baking. Perhaps we’ll do a lot of cooking/baking — she’s my guest…she gets to decide! Regardless, delicious and healthy eats will be enjoyed. We both love trying new foods and recipes, and this was one of those for me.


I can’t remember the last time I had a hush puppy, but I do know it was the first and only time I’ve ever had a hush puppy. Sad fact since they’re so good. With recipes like this, they can actually be good for me, too.

No deep-frying here…no, no, no.

A quick Google search turned up the description of “hush puppy” which translates to “cornmeal ball”. Hmm. Pretty basic and to the point. I love cornmeal so it’s no surprise hush puppies appeal to me so much.


During my search I also read that hush puppies are traditionally served as a side dish in seafood restaurants. I think these would accompany fish well, just as they did the lentil soup I ate them with last week. Of course chili, salads, stews, and grilled entrees sound like perfect matches, as well.

Truth be told, I could eat one or two of these puppies (ha!) as a snack and be one happy camper!


 Work then friend time! :-D

Be well,



  1. Megan Stengel says:

    These look delicious! I love hush puppies…so I will definitely try these since they’re quite a bit healthier than the deep fried version :)

  2. I think that I need to make these the next time I make soup (probably Sunday)

    Random question though (because I can’t find it in my own) didn’t you have a recipe for rice pudding (I swear I remember one)? My neighbor has had a few rough days and its her favorite I figured I’d give it a go and cheer her up

  3. Yessss…. I love hush puppies! Every time we go to a BBQ spot, I HAVE to have them.

  4. Ohhhhh hish puppies!! These actually remind me of our wedding down in Bald Head ISland, because one of the restaurants there was known for hush puppies (the not-so-healthy version). I think we are them every night :)

    Enjoy your weekend Nicole!

  5. Oh yeah baby, I’m making these bad boys! I bet if someone is a stickler for a round shape you could also bake them in one of those Babycakes cake pop makers. Okay, now I’m really hungry, off to the kitchen!

  6. These are on my menu for next week! Glad to get an early preview (:

  7. Ok, I’ve never heard of hush puppies before. They sound so amazing too, I’m kind of sad I’m only hearing about them now.

  8. Nomnomnom!!! These look phenom.

  9. I used to go to Long John Silvers for the hush puppies alone – well, that and chicken planks. Thankfully there isn’t a Long John Silvers within a 50 mile radius of me!

    I love all things cornmeal too, sans the onions, I am all over this. :D

  10. I love that you came up with a healthier version of hush puppies!

  11. Oh gosh, I have a weakness for hush puppies…best ones I’ve ever had in Charleston, SC, Hymann’s…yummmmmmmm! They bring them out warm and pass them out in the street for samples! I’ll have to give your version a try. I have honestly never tried making them at home.

  12. I’ve been ogling these in Veg Times but just haven’t had time to make them yet! I’m so glad to hear they were a hit! Now I need to move them up on my to-make list.

  13. What a fabulous idea to bake the hush puppies!

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