Cobb Salad Pizza + Weekly Menu


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can not only shop in less time, but also for much less when Mr. Prevention doesn’t tag along. Lately, I haven’t been so lucky as to shake my better half for the weekly ritual that is grocery shopping, but he did score a winning item here recently.

It generally ends up that I’m heading towards the checkout and he knows he has limited time to grab all that he wants and throw it into the cart. Most recently, one of these items was a whole wheat pre-baked pizza crust. So proud of his whole wheat pizza crust selection, he tossed it in the cart smiling.


When we got home, I checked out the nutrition facts and I was pleased to see that 1/6th of the dough was under 120 calories! Since pizza was on the menu and I was running short on time, I shelved the idea of homemade dough and used one of the two pre-baked pizza doughs to make this pizza.

“What are we having for dinner?” he asked.

“Cobb salad pizza.” I said.

“Glad I asked. I don’t want salad on my pizza, I want pepperoni.” he responded with.


So we went to town, both preparing our own pizzas. He piled on the fresh mozzarella, jalapenos, turkey pepperoni, fresh grape tomatoes, and so on. So proudly, he popped it in the oven.

When the timer went off, he was surprised to see that my pizza never made it into the oven…for very long. He falsely assumed that my pizza was “obviously not going to be very good” because it contained neither pizza sauce nor mozzarella cheese.

We sat down to dinner and it only took one bite of my pizza, this pizza, for him to admit defeat.

No doubt, this Cobb Salad Pizza beat out his traditional “manly” pizza.


He ate more of my pizza than his own.

His verdict: it’s all about the blue cheese. I concur. It is truly amazing how far a little blue cheese can go. The flavor pops and the chicken being cooked in the small amount of reserved bacon grease is heavenly. There’s no dry, bland chicken on this pizza…no, no, no.

I thought I would really like this pizza, but I (we!) LOVED this pizza. And talk about a quick meal…perfection!


Weekly Menu: January 6th – 10th

Soooo much hockey this weekend, I love it! Game tomorrow, too! :-D

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  1. What an honor to be on your weekly menu!! Love the sound of this pizza!!! Our problem is that we are never able to eat just one slice!! Looks delish. :-)

  2. I love reading your conversations on here, and it helped that you added a photo of MArk! haha, I am envisioning this conversation right now. And, I agree with both of you, it’s all about the blue cheese! I ordered a BORING salad the other day and if it wouldn’t have been for the HUGE chunks of blue cheese, I would have given it back! I think this pizza sounds awesome.

  3. I made your sweet potato coins for game day last weekend (huge hit!) and while I was searching for blue cheese in the deli cheese case I found that Laughing Cow now has blue cheese! I gave it a try and it tastes GREAT! Maybe another way to slim down the calories?

  4. Looks so fresh Nicole! It’s the same with my husband. By myself? I can spend about $60 for the two of us for the week. If he tags along? It’s a guaranteed $100 trip!

    Today, thanks to football playoffs, I’ll be going by myself! :D

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