Salt + Vinegar Kale Mashed Potatoes


 A lot of you saw on Facebook the meal Kristen and I whipped up together. Drool-worthy, I know. Kristen picked one killer entree and salad, I chose the dessert, and she narrowed down the “sides” to 3 choices.

I don’t remember what choice #1 or #2 were…but when she read off “…or Salt and Vinegar Kale Mashed Potatoes” there was no question they were the winning recipe. As a lover of mashed potatoes, I think they accompany any dish. Heck, I can eat mashed potatoes as a meal and be 100% satisfied!


It’s a good thing healthier mashed potato recipes exist, huh? My coworker was just saying she starts her mashed potatoes with a STICK of butter. Delicious, no doubt…not-so-good for you. There’s no cream in these, either…just a touch of 2% milk, though fat-free or a dairy-free variety would work just as well.

When I continued reading the recipe quantities and came across the need for SIX TABLESPOONS of vinegar, I nearly put on the breaks. Right there, I knew, this recipe would result in epic success…or perhaps more likely, epic failure.


I conferred with vinegar-loving friend Kristen and we surged ahead with the recommended 6 tablespoons of vinegar. As soon as it was all mashed together and the kale was mixed in, I had a spoon in the serving bowl.

“You gotta try, Kris…you’ll love them.” I said. And she did. Epic success.

I was even kind enough to share the leftovers and sent her home with all but one serving. Now THAT is friendship.


 Work & parent-child cooking class tonight…it’ll be a long one! Ciao!

Be well,



  1. I made kale the other day and mixed it in with a chicken cattiatore dish that I made in the slow cooker. I had to tell Nick because it was pretty obvious it was there…he gave me this awful look like I was trying to kill him. BUT, he ended up really enjoying the kale! That being said, I bet this would be a hit too. Great recipe Nicole!

  2. It’s colcannon! ie. mashed potatoes with greens in them.
    I like making colcannon with cabbage but I’ve had it with kale and it is really good too.

  3. Definitely trying these! I have a grilled/broiled salt & vinegar potato in my blog that we love, but I really like the addition of kale to this.

  4. You had me at salt & vinegar! Love this, although I am going to sub in baby spinach instead – kale is too bitter for me. My SIL will love this too! :D

  5. This reminds me of the colcannon I grew up with. Definitely going to try the kale version – sounds delicious!

  6. Holy vinegar! Can I trust you that it won’t singe my nose and throat?!?! I mean I do love salt and vin chips… okay, okay you’ve convinced me

  7. I really love adding vinegar to dishes lately. This sounds delicious!!!

  8. Oh goodness, these look amazing. My mouth is watering!

  9. This sounds so yummy!

  10. Does it have to be Apple Cider vinegar?? I don’t have any at home and don’t have access to the store as often….and haven’t been able to find it at the stores here in Costa Rica…..

  11. OMG!!! These are amazing. I used an extra tbls of butter, but WOW! Thank you for sharing! These are my new favorite potatoes!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Made these AGAIN tonight. So so good!


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