Blood Orange Sangria


I have a problem.

I’m stalking the mailbox. The mail man. The husband who maybe got to the mail before me at night.

For the past….oh, 8 weeks, I’ve been dying to know if I passed my Board Certification in Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM). I sat for the exam on December 18th and I STILL don’t have my results. How, in today’s modern world, can I not get test results FROM A COMPUTERIZED EXAM more quickly, is beyond me. And then to snail mail the results? Seriously? Seriously? You almost can’t blame me for the stalking.


In the past 8 weeks, I’ve managed to completely forget every question I pondered over and over inside that noggin’ of mine. With each day, I have become less and less confident that I passed…even though I entered the testing center knowing that I had studied and prepared…and left feeling like I had done my best. It is what it is…but I think I passed.

I hope I don’t regret being candid with my hopes and beliefs of my passing the exam. Rather than secretly waiting and stalking, I’m bringing on words of positivity. Today…maybe….I’ll get the result because supposedly, they were being printed and mailed on Monday. Supposedly.

(Ahem, that letter should be over-nighted for the $600 exam fee, psh.)


My plan?

Continue stalking. Continue thinking positively. Plan to make one of these babies when the results come – good or bad. The waiting has is well-deserving of at least one glass of sangria. And at least I’ll finally know and I can end this winter-long waiting game and emotional roller coaster.

Eight weeks…I deserve some Blood Orange Sangria. Plus, those beautiful blood oranges won’t be in season forever. Don’t delay…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Cheers!


TGIF! Who wants some sangria now? ;) Bah. Work first.

P.S. I scored an awesome goal last night – woo! :-D

Be well,



  1. How funny, my brother scored a goal too, and it was the WINNING goal. You two were on the same wavelength I guess. Congrats to you.
    I have my fingers crossed for you about the results of your exam. I’m SURE you passed. But either way, have one of these sangrias for sure. They look beautiful.

  2. 1. I’m certain you passed.

    2. The pics are GORGEOUS! Seriously, I think these are my favorite pics you’ve ever taken. I’m OBSESSED!

  3. Congrats on the goal!

    Waiting for results sucks. When I wrote the actuarial exams I would have to wait months for my results. They were posted online. I remember one time when I CTRL+F ‘d my candidate number and a “not found” box came up. I cried.

  4. I’m sure you passed! Of course you did :-)

    This looks so delicious! I don’t normally like sangrias because they’re too sweet, but I might have to try this one. :-) beautiful.

  5. That’s a LONG time to wait. I’d be going crazy. I get frustrated when I have to wait more than a week to get an exam or a paper back. You’ve earned an entire pitcher of sangria.

  6. These look and sound ridiculously great, and I couldn’t imagine a better treat when the results come in! I think about that a lot, about how in our instantaneous world, some things still take forever. But the built up anticipation will make it that much better when you open up that passing report! Rooting for you.

  7. i am sure you passed the test :) I could take a glass or two of Sangria right now.

  8. How gorgeous is this drink and what a tease for a 6 month pregnant lady. UGH!!!!!! I can’t wait to have my hands on these margaritas in a couple of months!!!

  9. How gorgeous is this drink and what a tease for a 6 month pregnant lady. UGH!!!!!! I can’t wait to have my hands on this sangria in a couple of months!!!

  10. Carol Adams says:

    You are my favorite RD and I’m suuuuure that you passed!
    No problems!! :)
    Love the photos, too! Gorgeous!!

  11. My wife and I are drinking these tonight. My wife calls them “fabulous”! I’m enjoying them as well. Thanks for the recipe!

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