Money Matters: Fettuccine with Tomato-Cream Sauce + Weekly Menu


I am not a name-brand shopper (unless we’re talking about purses). As a coupon novice, I’ve learned a thing or two couponing my way through one of my new favorite stores – Kohl’s.

I’m sure most women have or will find themselves in the “young adult” clothing predicament where the ladies sections may be too matronly and the juniors section too immature. Add to that predicament of mine a very formal work dress code, it makes it very difficult to find tops that can be worn both in professional life and personal life. In short, I haven’t found much success and because I spend more time at work than anywhere else, I have been focusing on expanding my professional wardrobe more so than my personal.


Regardless of which wardrobe I’m shopping for, however, I love a good deal. Kohl’s has lots of good deals and so…I love Kohl’s. Last weekend I scored big and ended up with several bright colored tank tops that can be layered at work with a blazer (or worn out in the summer), a pair of jeans, a blazer, two cardigans, a flow-y top, and Mr. Prevention got a few things, too.

We paid not that much…and got $40 dollars in Kohl’s cash (“money” to spend at a later date)!

So…we returned this weekend and I got a new paid of Asics in my hard-to-find 7 1/2-wide size. After a 15% off coupon and my Kohl’s cash, I paid a whopping $3.53 for brand new running shoes!


We then proceeded to Carson’s where we both scored big again and used a $50 off a $100 purchase coupon. I can almost see where bargain shopping is addicting…

I wish addiction that would translate into my food budget, but all things considered, we do really well keeping food costs down while still eating super healthy. Much of that starts with cooking at home and finding inexpensive ways to create basic convenience foods, such as prepared sauces.

At $1.17 per serving, this meal is smart shopping (and smart eating!)…and no coupons involved ;)


Weekly Menu: February 24 – 28th

 No real plans today…and I love that :)

Be well,



  1. Score on those deals Nicole! I am still a thrift shopper through and through, so no coupons needed for me. I love that sauce, but sadly lately my husband doesn’t like red sauce as much, so I have chicken alfredo on the menu this week.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. This pasta sounds fabulous!! I love the thrifty factor too!

  3. This pasta looks SOO good! I love Kohls!!
    And I am loving your meals planned for the week!

  4. I haven’t hit the Young Adult clothing predicament yet. . . I still dress like I’m 19 and I like it. (and I’m still wearing a lot of clothes that I bought back then).
    It’s no wonder older people always think I’m in high school.

  5. This looks so good! Definitely perfect for a weeknight meal =) And way to go scoring on those deals!

  6. Two for one! Yummy and affordable :) Looks DELISH! I can’t resist cream sauces, this looks great Nicole!

  7. Tried it out tonight. It was amazing!

  8. Kohl’s is the only store I shop at! My parents and I all have the card so whenever one of us would get the 30% off coupon, shopping time! Awesome. And I get half of the stuff from the junior’s section. The dressy stuff is quite nice! I’ll definitely have to give Kohl’s a visit this summer. :)

    And this fettuccine looks amazing! I’ve never made a creamy tomato sauce like this. Will definitely have to try it out!

  9. Okay, so I sent this recipe to my husband. nagged him a little about how he never makes me dinner, and BAM! I got myself some pasta. :) He was very proud to have made this and I was SUPER excited to have dinner made for me! Thank you so much for the recipe. It’s easy, quick and most importantly… delicious! He told me he’d make it for me again. Yay!

  10. Thanks for another great recipe! Very quick to make and indulgent. I went a little too heavy on the red pepper flakes by doubling it and can’t wait to make it again as written.


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