Mussel Risotto


Confession: I watch The Bachelor.

While I don’t watch on Monday nights like most of the world because I always have hockey games on Mondays, I was able to catch up last night. I had a hunch that AshLee would be the one headed home. I really like Lindsey — she seems like a down to earth girl.

Yes, I know. It’s reality TV.


When the show aired in Thailand this week, I quickly recalled the summer vacation we spent in Thailand. So many good memories and a truly picture-perfect place to experience. Somehow, even the footage from the show does it no justice!

Anyways, Lindsey said she was an adventurous eater on their date this week…but she said she wouldn’t eat bugs.

Of course, they ended up eating bugs and grasshoppers.


I’m trying to remember the first time I had a mussel, because frankly, they are quite unappetizing to look at. The fact that you purchase them alive is also unnerving. I mean, I’m lucky to keep a house plant alive, much less dozens of live mussels!

But, it’s really not that hard. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Literally.

I fell in love with mussels the summer I lived in Italy with Mr. Prevention. We would often order a big’ol bowl of steamed mussels when dining out. Learning how to cook mussels at home makes me feel very accomplished and this risotto is a perfect vehicle to showcase one of my favorite seafood delights!


 Another very busy day including a health fair and a heart healthy cooking class…we’re making lentil tacos!

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  1. This looks great, I can’t believe there is no cheese in the risotto. I’ll have try this next week, however will leave the mussels out. Not a fan, but I am of the bachelor. I liked Ashley too!

  2. I never really understood the hype behind The Bachelor. I think the part of my brain that is in charge of my “girliness” is a bit broken at times…

  3. I love food memories! The risotto looks wonderful and a great way to remember Italy! :)

  4. This recipe sounds wonderful. Why won’t Nick eat mussels? Ugh. Lindsey will eat bugs, but nick won’t eat mussels. Super annoying.
    I can’t stand Lindsey, by the way. Her voice and the way she purses her lips drives me nuts.

  5. Ahh spoiler alert for the Bachelor, Nicole!! I stopped reading as soon as I thought it might be happening, but it was too late…now I’m going to have to keep my poker face on when I watch it with friends in a couple days (midterms this week so we’re playing catch up this weekend). Thanks a lot :)

  6. I have a confession too – I watch Teen Mom 2. It’s ridiculous.

  7. I made mussels for the first time a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were at the store! And not too difficult to make either. This looks great. And I can’t believe you guys went to Thailand! A dream of mine…

  8. Love the colors going on here! Beautiful and looks delicious.

  9. I tried mussels for the first time a year and a half ago, and much to the shock of my husband, I really like them.

    I think you’d like this recipe – its mussels in a spicy chorizo sauce – so good!

  10. you make everything look so good. I love mussels and its one of my fav thing to eat :) you are making me hungry…

  11. I see this and I want to play with this recipe and expand it….and only Paella comes to mind…Kitchen creativity here we go

  12. This looks great! Definitely going to have to whip this one up for dinner in the next few days =)

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