Mustard-Herb Panko Crusted Chicken Breasts


Mr. Prevention has been waiting like an anxious child for a winter snow. His wish since winter began was for a big snow on a Friday night so that we could enjoy the beauty, have time to remove the stuff, and not have anywhere to be. I’m trying to remember when it all started but it has been over a week of snow…snow…and more snow.

My 32-mile commute has been a challenge and has taken 45-60 minutes every day. Kids will be in school come July at the rate school has been canceled. There’s a good 10+ inches, I’d say…and more coming every day, it seems.


Chicago is directly across the lake from us and while they only have an inch or so of snow, it has been cold and wintery there, too.

My parents timed it perfectly as they headed off to the Bahamas yesterday. Or should I say tried to head off to the Bahamas yesterday. My mom texted me at around 1pm to say they had missed their flight. Confused, I called her.

While they had left Chicago at 6am, they were stranded in Miami. They had missed their flight…because they failed to realize the 1 hour time difference between Chicago (CST) and Miami (EST). You’d think they would’ve realized this during their 3 hour layover (their morning coffee break), but what can I say? I may know who the real blonde in the family is…


I haven’t heard from my mom since, so I’m hopeful they were able to take the next flight out. It would be a total bummer to miss vacation on account of a time change error. The only thing that should ever threaten a delay in travel is perhaps the weather…as it almost did for Kristen and I. The weather was bad in Michigan that weekend, too. Kristen almost headed back early to Chicago to beat the weather, but not before we prepared this Mustard-Herb Panko Crusted Chicken Breast to go with the Salt and Vinegar Kale Mashed Potatoes.

Kristen had made this dish previously and raved about it. As a mustard lover, I was sold and it was a wise, wise choice. This was DELISH. Thank you, Kristen!


 Today is the first day in many, many months that I have nothing on my calendar. No meetings at work, no classes to teach, no hockey…it’s weird! I kind of like it :-D

Be well,



  1. Always looking for a new way to prepare chicken breasts. Look delish. We have had snow, snow, snow too…really tired of snow. Alberta clippers with lake enhancement…oh joy! I want it to be spring already!

  2. Cheers to a clear calendar for the day Nicole. Sounds like a rare treat. The chicken recipe looks fantastic. Thanks so much!

  3. I have made this chicken before – actually several times because we like it so much. I also love how the mustard keeps the chicken so moist. It’s a great recipe. Beautiful pics!

  4. I made something very similar last night except I mixed some worcestershire sauce and melted butter in with the mustard and garlic. WOW it was amazing!!

  5. This looks amazing. I’m definitely making it – despite my insane ocd when I cook chicken, sometimes it’s worth the crazy.

  6. Sandra Barton says:

    looks good! =)

  7. Tiffany F. says:

    They’re in the oven as I type ;) Took me about four minutes to prepare and put in the over… with two babies, that’s quite the challenge! Thanks, looks amazing.

  8. Made this tonight. Very tasty and easy. Thanks for posting.

  9. Lynette says:

    Looks like tonight’s dinner! Thanks! Our sides will be mashed sweet potatoes and a salad. Yum!


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